Body of missing university student found; suspect arrested


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Damn! I hate being right! When this incident was first reported a week or so ago I hoped it was not yet another internet meeting ending in the death of a young girl. Here's the really weird thing, these young girls get into these internet meetings because all the men they know personally are creeps, but they fail to realise that, these recluses posting in these dating sites are not just creeps, many of them are predators. RIP young lady. I hope this serves as a warning for other foolish young lasses following in her footsteps.

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Poor child - young, and looking for adventure - to find herself in the prey of some heinous violent madman.

What a traumatic end to her dreams.

May she find rest now.


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A male resident of Hirose's apartment building said that one evening last November he saw a young woman weeping, and saying that she could not get back to Tokyo because she had no money.

I hope he helped her out that time.

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Just saw him on TV doing the perp walk - nasty looking figure.  No wonder a 19yo girl would have put up a fuss upon meeting him.

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"She put up a fuss, so I killed her"

Hope he's awfully quiet in prison, where he should spend the rest of his miserable life for this. Scratch that, I hope he makes a fuss with other inmates.

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If the cops do a proper job I think you'll find that that this monster, travelling from region to region as a loner working construction, has a history of previous assaults or even murder.

Rest In Peace.

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"He was not sociable and looked like the kind of person who does not open up to others," said a man who used to work with Hirose at a construction company in Kashima.

Which I can attest could be said about quite a few 30's guys here!

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Glad the police followed through on this, really glad. Good work.

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If she's not friendly and quiet type person then why she trust to seeing this ugly killer guy!? .... Some are hiding behind their computer I hope everyone will be aware of it.

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My guess is he posted on SNS (social network service) as someone he wasn’t (Younger, full head of hair etc) she went to meet him, obviously was rumbled for not being who he said he was, offered her a lift -- she didn’t have any money to get back to Tokyo? -- he tried it on in the car, she resisted, mentioned the police etc...

An incredibly sad chain of events.

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To the gallows with that human garbage, to the gallows !!!!...

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These days drones are much faster at picking up news and getting a good shot

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Why is it that Japanese girls are so quick to meet people that they have not been formally introduced to?

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Hirose was quoted by police as saying.

That's the part I find most strange. Why do the police get to report their findings to the media before the court case? Where I am, when someone is charged and until the court case, the media are not allowed to report such details. Something to do with contempt of court and prejudicing a fair trial.

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Earth to girls !!

Don't go to some internet guy's apartment.

God gave us Starbucks for a reason.

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Can’t understand why Japanese girls have a tendency to see guys who they do not know very much easily....

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I hope this serves as a warning for other foolish young lasses following in her footsteps.

I hope this serves as a warning to men prone to violence, that they will be caught, they will be imprisoned (albeit for not long enough), and they will suffer for having killed someone just because she rejected him.

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Good point Maria, and I have given you a plus vote, but I cannot see this serving as a warning to such types. Extremely selfish, cunning but socially inept, they do not listen to anyone. Girls need to be given training in how to spot and deal with one generally, how not to get caught in a corner, and in an emergency how to defend themselves physically.

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Watching the news I was surprised to see this story taking new twists and turns.

Apparently she went to a convenience store and phoned him, so he drove round to pick her up, but blindfolded her before taking her home. Then they got in the car and he drove her to a random spot where he let her out. She then started asking people if they knew him, until she narrowed down the place where he lived. She knocked on his door. They got into some kind of money argument, and it was then that he drove her to the place where he killed and buried her. Her pink coat was found nearby almost immediately afterwards and handed to the police, but they did not put two and two together back then.

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