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Boy dies after falling from truck driven by 14-year-old friend; 2 teens arrested


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Whose truck was it?

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Don't waste our tax dollars trying this case. It's punishment enough that their friend died because of their actions. Nothing would happen to them anyway, except their parents will pay gomenasai money to the dead child's family.

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Whose truck was it?

Morning news was saying it was stolen.

Don't waste our tax dollars trying this case.

Giving two wannabe delinquents a good hard, legal slap up the back of the head to teach them not to steal and not to be a danger to themselves and others on the road, is hardly a waste.

What form the good hard legal slap should take is up for debate.

A passerby called police about the accident around 4:10 a.m.

Three kids out alone at that time of night? Seems the parents need a good hard slap, too.

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Basic case of HIGHLY UNINTELLIGENT children, where parents are the most victimized. But then again, were they not educated on dangers of misbehaviour? And why the truck was unattended? Could have been an extremist terrorist instead of two unattended children. The lack of security measures is not to go unnoticed, though most things do until a tragedy happens. Over there even more so.

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This is a tragic conclusion, but as Cleo says, JHS kids shouldn't be out in the middle of the night, especially not on a weekday during term time. It's likely that they won't get up to any good.

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@ cleo, just what kind of legal slap do you think they're going to get? Somebody may talk sternly to them in court, and of course their parents will yell at them, but not a damn thing will happen to them so what's the point?

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Their friend died because of their idiocy, and now a family grieves forever. They do need a suitable penalty for this, not just thoughts and prayers and a scolding.

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As far as I know ignorant stupidity is the ultimate law - it is not written as punishable in any constitution, yet it punishes those abiding by it nonetheless. There is no need for further punishment. There is a need for nationwide (WORLDWIDE) measures to prevent this.

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@Michael Jackson - it's up to the juvenile court to decide what kind of slap they get. A spell in a juvenile detention centre, perhaps? The parents obviously are not in control, otherwise they wouldn't have raised their kids to wander the streets at night looking for trouble. There appears no 'of course' about the parents administering any kind of meaningful punishment.

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JHS kids shouldn't be out in the middle of the night, especially not on a weekday during term time. 

I'm sure boys stealing cars at 4am on a school night could care less about term tests.

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As they are too young to be prosecuted, they should watch their backs. The family will get revenge somehow.

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The apple doesn't fall far from the tree. Lock up these young scrotes' parents as well.

Ridiculous. I was a horrible teenager, and got arrested a few times. My mother was an excellent mother, and serves as the model by which I raise my kids. I was a bad kid in spite of my mother, not because of her.

The parents in this case may indeed be bad parents, but the actions of the child are only an indicator of that possibility, not proof of its existence.

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It appears to me that there has been quite a few crimes committed by under aged kids of late. Those kids that burned down and killed an old woman in her house, those kids that broke onto another old womans' house and beat her to death because they thought she had money and now this? What's going on with these kids? Don't these parents keep track of their kids? Especially at 4am in the morning! In my day, your parents would always know where you are based on where they see your bicycle!

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Yup, just a terrible accident and wake-up call, probably as a result of serious boredom. It may have stopped them becoming Bosozoku etc., and will act as an anchor on them for the rest of their lives. I did some crazy things with vehicles when I was young. The only difference is that I was lucky, I guess.

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Kids always have , and always will do stupid and reckless things. Its called growing up and taking risks. Some more risky than others. Most times it does not result in anything too bad. In this case quite a few families will be impacted. Sad.

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"The legal minimum age for driving in Japan is 18, meaning the 14-year-old behind the wheel was unlicensed."

Methinks the second part of that sentence is unnecessary. How could any of them possibly have a license if they are not the age stated for one in the first part? In any case, while I agree kids do stupid things, it's time to start charging them as adults to stop them from doing it so easily. It was an accident, but one that resulted in death. They should be charged with theft, negligence resulting in death, and then some.

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"the logical centers of the brain are not fully developed until the mid-20s..."

Are you suggesting we charge 18-24 year olds as children as well? Not opposed per se, just want to hear your thoughts since you posed this data.

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Daver's comment is correct. Whether we should raise the age of adulthood is a highly debated question based upon that fact.


Some scientists believe increasing childhood to the early 20's would improve society as a whole for a more successful population.

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One teen dies because of ignorant actions, I guess they needed to learn the hard way. Unfortunately it's too late for one of them.

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