Covering the Ghosn saga: The art of Japanese stakeout journalism

By Issei Kato and Tim Kelly

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That's a serious violation of health and safety.

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My ladder is bigger than yours!

little giant ladder seems popular.

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A case of guys with big ladders and small cameras.

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Never really the an "art" in being perched on the top of a ladder, outside a detention center. I don't think it is a Japanese art, these types do it all over the place.

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There is just a chain link fence on the perimeter, not a wall. The ladders are just to get a slightly better vantage of the front doors of the jail. If the ladders were banned, then retired basketball and volleyball players would be in demand as cameramen. It's a lot of trouble for the inevitable few seconds of usable video they will get as long as they were not on a toilet break when Ghosn and his entourage emerged.

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A lot of Japanese journos and photographers seem to regard themselves as obligatory participants in the events they are covering. They seem to plan this at the Kisha Clubs. If there is some sort of big story they crowd and jostle the politician or potential white collar criminal, who refrains from comment while the photographers take hundreds of photos - Abe from all the angles, all day. It's a sort of kabuki.

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I believe the press are behaving like paparazzi here, and that it would be better for them to engage in unbiased, in-depth reporting rather than just catching people off guard.

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Now you know why it’s called, the media circus.

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They are following the same people for the same quotes ("this is regrettable") and pictures. You'd think they would form a pool arrangement to cut costs and give reporters more productive work. Japan's media agencies seem to have infinite pockets.

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No point the be there "staking out" Ghosn with a dozen others as none of you will be getting the only, exclusive footage.

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I'm not saying that this is the right way or the wrong way to do things, but it is interesting to get a look behind the curtain to see how the news is actually made.

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Is it the way to cover?

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Whatever we think of it, I don't see this stopping at all.

By the way, where are any news about Greg Kelly??? And Saikawa ??? And Senate???

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