Ex-ASDF colonel indicted over defense secret leak


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Tokyo prosecutors have indicted a former officer in Japan's Air Self-Defense Force on a charge of leaking confidential information on U.S.-made military aircraft to unauthorized individuals.

Not the first time such data or information about US ops has occurred on any US base in Japan. Too many everyday MLC employees do not care enough to keep what is not be spoken out in public a secret. Go to any bar at night and you can hear all the talking that goes on. Some alliance. Why does the media hide the "unauthorized individuals" perhaps because they are from China? It is no secret that many Chinese are in Japan this moment trying hard to take advantage of any technology secrets it can get and no matter how it gets it is not important to them as long as they get the data. I vote to terminate any future access to any US secret information in the first place including an ally.

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Terminating all access to allies sounds nice but is impractical in reality. But clearly Japan's MOD needs to clean house and get on the ball. All throughout the Cold War, the Russians considered Japan to be an intelligence supermarket due to lax security. Today China is the big shopper and in Japan in far greater numbers.

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Terminating all access to allies sounds nice but is impractical in reality. Nope in reality it is very practical and doable once the money runs out. Keep in mind the reduction has steadily been done over time, and still ongoing. One day Japan will have their full force back in service, provided they find a way to get over their dwindling population.

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and Japan feels its ready to send its SDF personnel overseas

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Interesting question not answered by the article, was he just stupid or was he paid?

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So nearly 6 years before indictment (2014 - 2020)? Statute of limitations much?

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