Ex-U.S. base worker gets life for killing Okinawan woman


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Well done the courts. Set the president and keep the pressure up to rid your island from these invaders.

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Maybe this is end. But because the news went to mainland, it might be appealed to the 'per court.

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Good! Rot in prison. Anyone who murders should get life.

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Thank god this monster was caught.

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great, now taxpayers have to feed this crapbag. hope an yakuza inmate do the proper job when the law couldn't.

-5 ( +7 / -12 )

@ZENJI - Set the president and keep the pressure up to rid your island from these invaders.

What an absolutely ridiculous comment! And, I believe the word you were looking for is, 'precedent'.

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the accused choked Shimabukuro with his hands and stabbed her in the neck


denied intending to kill the woman

Is life imprisonment a just and equal punishment for what he did?

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A yank in an Okinawa prison with okinawans. Don’t worry about paying for his free food, housing, his life will be hell and he will regret it. I hope the family of the woman feel Justice is served and they can move on.

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Usually, DA charge with hasher sentence. There are may weekly gossip magazines in Japan and they pay ti defense attorneys better than NY Times I wonder if DA is promised getting shares of Defense attorney's writing fees.

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He is not gonna have it easy in a j nick with guards and cons who know what he did.

Better start lifting weights bud!

man up or take the daily kicking.

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Usually, DA charge with hasher sentence.

There is no "DA" in Japan.

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Not quiet. jail here is very different, no talking among prisoners, each works a full day producing goods. Tailoring etc are taught to give prisoners a new profession after they are discharged. They work to offset costs of incarceration and earn a bit of spending money.

In short very little interactions between prisoners and guards, even meals are weighted and made sure that all prisoners get same(weight, number of veggie, etc).

All done to avoid fights and conflicts.

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The victim's father said in a statement issued in April that the family "wants capital punishment", according to NHK.

What is capital punishment in Japan? Swinging?

In Japan does life really mean life? Incarcerated until your last breath? I hope so for this SOB.

In another media bit they said he Kenneth was hearing voices for years and the Japanese court was going to have in evaluated. Did they?

Well I am glad he is off the streets in Okinawa. May his victim rest in peace.

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Sorry my previous comment has a typo.

Did the have him Kenneth, evaluated for mental disorders?

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Even Stevie wonder could have seen this verdict.

He be fluent in Japanese when... oh he is a lifer!

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%99.999 conviction rate!

not a lawyer but don’t see him having any luck with an appeal.

What a waste, took away the young woman’s life, ruined his own and his ex-wife and child’s.

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I wish he could stay in jail for the rest of his life where he belongs. But all you out there hoping that he gets his just desserts in the can have no idea how a Japanese prison is. They bore and monitor them to death. He will not be able to pee without permission so there is not going to be anyone getting even in there. No ball buster guards or cell mates named Bubha that makes him his wife. No weight lifting. It is not a US jail. Boredom, a strict lifestyle and work is all that is in store for him.

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Add in that no names are used inside prisons only the prisoners number and no talking unless authorized.

Watched a documentary about Chofu prison, they measured all the foods, counted ingredients per serving, food was placed on tables before inmates entered and sat at assigned places.

Not surprising by that time food was cold, hence the saying only hiyameshi(cold food) in prison.

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@yubaru : prosecutors arte Translated as DA and DA are translated as prosecutors .. Lesson. One of linguistic, for Japanese Shiho Kenshu classes.

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@pac:Do you know where Chofu is in Japan?

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Western Tokyo, one of the biggest prisons in Japan.

Okinawa runs their prisons differently from the rest of Japan? I

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@pacint. Thank. you for info. I think the case will be appealed.

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His explanation of her death scene. will be used as perjury.

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Juatice served for this murderer

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Juatice served for this murderer

How so? The victim is dead and he is provided with lifetime food, shelter, and a government job.

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And yet he claimed, "He's not a bad person..."

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At least there are still Countries out there that give "life sentences" for Murder. All Murders should give the "culprit" life in Jail!

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unreal,hang him!

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@Wolfpack - I believe that life is only 25 years in Japan.

@pacint - I'm pretty sure the prison system is run the same way as here. There might be very, very slight differences but basically they are run the same way, unless you know something that we don't. And in that case please share.

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My question was not serious, but I often hear about prisoners and foreigners getting transferred to Chofu prison from across country.

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Darn auto-correct mucking up sandiegoluv.

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@pacint - LOL No worries. That happens. Actually I messed up anyway, I didn't see the question mark.

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