Ex-worker at nursing home sentenced to death for killing 3 residents


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Given the history of the police getting confessions, circumstantial evidence, and lack of any other physical evidence, I am puzzled by the death penalty being given in this case.

Lock him away, ok, but death penalty?

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I agree with Yubaru. This seems very weak.

I wouldn't be surprised if this man was executed, and someone else arrested later.

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Of course he's recanting his story now that he's looking at a rope, he's got nothing to lose by doing so. But when it's time to carry out his sentence, how about tossing him off a building instead of dropping him through the floor.

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No evidence and just a confession? Death penalty...?

How easily that veneer of civilisation can be tarnished.

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Don’t agree with the death penalty, but throwing old people over a balcony is a vicious way.

If he did it...

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Horrible, horrible crime. If it happened that way.

Barbaric to seek the death penalty.

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Imai had pleaded not guilty, saying he made false statements to escape police pressure during interrogations,

but Presiding Judge Hidetaka Watanabe said that "there was no leading by police officers

Sorry Hide- were you actually there? did you actually see the interrogation tapes??

and the explanations were rational" and his initial confession was "highly credible."

Meaning you just want to get a scapegoat you scumbag. What if it was your son...?

I agree with Yubaru. This seems very weak.

me too.

I wouldn't be surprised if this man was executed, and someone else arrested later.

Yeah. Exactly.

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Scary to get old in this country with the kind of help in these home.

Although I agree with the verdict I always feel some discomfort when the judge acts as jury and makes conclusory statements such as: "there was no leading by police officers and the explanations were rational" and his initial confession was "highly credible."" I would prefer a jury to make such conclusions of fact and credibility based on their life experiences.

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I hope he gets the death penalty if guilty. However, since Japan doesn't have a First-World justice system, perhaps the death penalty isn't such a good idea.

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death sentence is barbaric, whatever the crime is

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The regularity of abuse in nursing homes is alarming. The article states it’s due to a lack of training and being understaffed. I’d say it’s because of the low salaries and ridiculous working hours. You have to feel sorry for the oldies in Japan who have been paying ¥40-50,000 into that rip-off pension scam only to be put into a nursing home that costs their family everything they have to care for their ailing parents. Japan is ‘supposed to be’ a country that cares for its elderly, but the reality is much different.

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Japan is very much a victim of its own success. They manage to keep elderly people alive longer but the infrastructure to take care of them is poor to non-existent. Until the government wakes up to the fact that there is no cheap fix to this problem and puts its hands deep into its pockets for quality care for the elderly, we are going to see more and more distressing stories like this one.

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not conducting sufficient training of care workers to prevent abuse at the facility.

Right. Because abuse is caused by:

"Lack Of Training"

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