Former Australian rugby player Smith arrested for refusing to pay taxi fare, punching driver


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He should be deported back to where he is supposed to be. Does he still think he is in Australia?

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And where exactly is he ‘supposed‘ to be !?

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Does he still think he is in Australia?

Nope. Assault a taxi-driver in Australia and he would be arrested, be on national news and have the book thrown at him. No excuses.

Smith should have his contracts in both Japan and Australia torn up if guilty. Embarassing to think he was once captain of the Australian team...

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And where exactly is he ‘supposed‘ to be !?

Yeah, I'm curious about that as well.

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I guess he got carried away ringing in the New Year....

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In another report, Smith was alleged to have run away from the driver who actually caught up with him (which is when the punching occurred). And we all know how old many of the taxi drivers in Japan are

Drunk, beligerent or not, I would never have Smith on my Rugby team.

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George you Bad Boy .... He should pay the taxi company for their loss revenue (Profit from their employees fares) and the taxi  driver for damages & lost wages ... on top of that pay Gomen Money for being such an idiot. Some jail time should follow for the assault on the driver who is doing an Honest days work for an Honest days pay. Common  sense - when you go to live in a foreign country you have a chance at a NEW start in life SO leave your Bad Habits behind you Do Not Take them with you..

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Props (haha) to the cab driver for chasing him 'multiple times.'

George Smith is 180cms and 105 kegs. I'd have let him go.

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If true, quite out of character for George Smith to act like this. A true gentleman of the game, on and off the field. We all make mistakes though.

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"We issue a heartfelt apology to the victim," no you don't, just cheap talk

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I am not saying it is an Aussie thing but many Aussies I know tend to get confrontational after drinking a lot lol

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Know an English chappie who punched a taxi driver, still in prison I think.

Just cause he famous, he should do time. Or pay at least $1million to the driver and be deported. I understand violence is common in rugby, but this is japan.

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It's almost guaranteed that he will pay this. I think it's called 損害賠償 (そんがいばいしょう songaibashou), which is penalty for damages, though I may be wrong about songaibaishou covering lost wages etc. Either way, the taxi driver will be free to negotiate with the defendant for payment of any lost wages, doctors appointments, and any other costs. If they come to an agreement, then the charges will be dropped. If they do not come to an agreement, then the Aussie will be required to go to court, and face whatever punishment the court dishes out, which as far as I understand it, will not include any payments to the driver. I believe the driver would have to open a civil case to claim the moneys owed in this case, though when I was I got punched, I didn't elect to go that route.

In this case, the accused is a foreigner, so I would guess he will come to an out of court settlement with the taxi driver/company, in order to deal with situation as quickly as possible.

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You can take the man out of Australia, but you can’t take Australia out of the man!

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 though when I was I got punched, I didn't elect to go that route.

Curious...did it go well for you?

I know someone who got involved in a fight. He punched second and had independent witnesses. He still spent a few weeks in the digger and had to pay damages too.



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Curious...did it go well for you?

I didn't work for two mornings for doctors visit, to get my eye checked out. That's about it as far as actual damages. I didn't come to an agreement with the guy about funds, so he chose to go to court, and was found guilty. That was all they would tell me though, they didn't tell me what his punishment was. I didn't bother with the civil suit.

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“And we all know how old many of the taxi drivers in Japan are.”

According to other news reports this one was 58.

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Japan should get that taxi driver in their rugby team - he chased down and fought a much bigger and younger opponent.

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Ha!. Drank up all the money for the night. Misjudged the taxi fair. Didn't want go to the ATM at 7 and just and just pull out a Fukuzawa Yukichi. George probably just wanted to go home and sleep it off. Then made a break for it when realized he racked up a nice fair. Probably Mr. Smith did not realize that he could have negotiated with the driver over lack of funds. Or pay with a CC or his choice of multiple cards if he has them. I think now you can pay your taxi bill with Nanaco or T-point as well Suica and Passmo cards in some taxis in my city.

Also there are taxi tickets you can buy directly from the taxi company. Mr. Smith could have given him his  gaikokujin-tōroku-shōmeisho showing all his information with a promise to pay when he was coherent the next day. But if he has not been here in Japan that long and mixed with alcohol fueled behavior. Common sense obviously went right out the window. Now just my assumptions. You know what they say about assuming. The driver may have decided, hey I got drunk Gaijin here. Let's take long way home and pad the meter. possibly enraging Mr. Smith. So many possibilities to be considered. I say let Aussie have another chance. He may also want to consider a 12 step program if his drinking is leading him down this path of violence. Easy does it George.

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100usd for a taxi ride in Tokyo? I would like to know more details because one seriously needs to go quite a distance to amass that kind of charge ...

I would likely believe that the driver thought to rip off a drunk party gaijin, and the drunk gaijin decided on counteraction ( foolish one ,but still )

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if he lived in tokyo, he must of known the fare would be 8000-10000 yen. but if its new years eve, you take a bit of cash with you.

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Alex Einz, “100usd for a taxi ride in Tokyo? I would like to know more details because one seriously needs to go quite a distance to amass that kind of charge ...”

The incident happened near his residence in Fuchu. None of the reports I’ve seen mentioned where he started his taxi ride. However, a search quickly shows that, for instance a normal taxi ride from Tokyo Station to Fuchu would be about that amount. And of course it would vary depending on exactly where in Fuchu, etc. One would hope he earns enough to pay his taxi fares, and as someone else mentions, there are numerous ways to resolve the situation when caught short. A couple of times after having spent more on shopping than expected, I have left my bags in the taxi while I run into the house to get a bit more cash. It’s not rocket science. On the other hand, if he thought he was being overcharged, he could have called the police and asked for their help. Running away/beating up a driver is not acceptable.

Its been reported that he says he didn’t do it. But also that he says he was drunk and doesn’t remember, in which case, how does he know he didn’t do it?

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Thanks a lot for reinforcing the negative stereotypes that locals already have.

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Must of hit a nerve 2- 2+

With more on this story emerging it looks as if I was not to far off.

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Typical explaining away and diminishing the act.

He doesn’t “need a 12 step program” or be treated like some kind of teenager who is maturing. He is 37, been capped over 111 times for his nation, and he gets drunk and beats people up and runs when the bill arrives?

In some countries they may say he needs a cuddle and to coddled and maybe talked to about drinking.

What nonsense!

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If this happened on New Years Eve, he would have to have appeared before a judge within 48 hours. Surely this could have been sorted out then.

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Yeah right!

This ain't Brumbies mate.

More bad media for a game already on its knees in the great Southern land.

The dude needs help. Drinking to incoherent states and beating up on old Japanese taxis drivers sounds right out of an AA speakers story to me. It is alcoholism plain and simple.

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