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Ghosn's trial expected to start in September

By Stanley White

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Very sketchy investigation. I hope he does well.

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Well at least he's out for the cherry blossoms

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Ghosn's trial expected to start in September

I'm glad he was able to get out - a trial starting in September would make for a long wait on the inside of a cell.

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Ghosn's trial expected to start in September

Ghosn almost end up additional six months in detention hadn’t he got his bail.  If he stayed in detention he could just give up and confess to things they push him to say, limited interaction with his lawyer maximum 30 minutes per day with total surveillance.

Fortunately he's already out and can work his case with his lawyer outside detention.

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The Japanese constitution is supposed to give him a speedy trial. Should gave more concrete time frame

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Wow, based on the number of comments here, interest in Ghosn sure has fallen off...maybe by September we will be saying Carlos Who?

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This problem is internal in nature because if under reporting to govt tax it should be the company must be fined not Carlos.

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Saikawa is the one who should be concerned about the Ghosn trial. He may end up undermining the Ghosn trial with evidence of his signatures on the compensation documents for Ghosn.


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when is Saikawa going to jail for conspiring to commit fraud as a corporate officer...

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Never understood why so many Gohsn nutswingers around here. He is likely guilty. If it was one or two charges, I would give him the benefit of the doubt. But so many charges. You can't make all that up. Everything from underreporting tens of millions of dollars, lavish houses everywhere, to little ones like Nissan paid weddings. You wouldn't/couldn't bother fabricating that many charges solely out of thin air.

-8 ( +0 / -8 )

Where there's smoke there's fire, they say.

-7 ( +0 / -7 )

Of course he’s guilty, but if found innocent I wonder if he can sue the Japanese authorities for false imprisonment.

-3 ( +1 / -4 )

He is likely guilty.

That's not how a justice system works. Detention without trial is China or Russia or some other dictatorship that you enjoy

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Actually there are only two charges, not reporting deferred income and temporarily transferring personal losses to Nissan while he arranged more collateral.

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I'm not talking about no justice system obviously. I'm stating my personal opinion from my observation, as everyone is entitled to, right or wrong. It's pretty obvious from my writing. You guys stated your opinion, I stated mine. We will see what the court rules.

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If it was one or two charges, I would give him the benefit of the doubt. But so many charges.

There ARE two charges. He was with Nissan for almost 20 years and they paint him as if he is crooked and criminal, when in fact they can only find TWO charges. And he has completely logical alibi for both of them.

And Nissan didn't pay for his wedding. Renault PROBABLY did, but that's still not certain. Lavish houses are not his, and are certainly not illegal.

Ordinary people may not like him only because he's rich. That's it.

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First, it is very good to see that Carlos Ghosn is looking good and preparing for his trail. Whatever it is, 80% of the truth will be opened in public. Japanese must learn to deal with issues fairly and to hear all truth , not just one sided stories by staffs, working with Carlos Ghosn that have negative complexes and incapable with selfishly wants, only job tittles with their egos, which is a very common streak in Japan.

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