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Gov't to make security cameras mandatory on trains


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Might as well use the same tech to grab gropers since that is a far more common crime.

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It is odd that Japan has no security camera’s on its train systems to begin with.

I get the above posts with government overreach and us headed toward being filmed and watched everywhere, but since theres already cameras everywhere, having none of a transport system seems odd.

And finally, because the train attacker tend to be nutters who will get caught, won’t the cameras not be that much of a deterance bk in my opinion.

Getting into and off of the train system is highly surveiled anyways.

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Japan’s ‘knife & flammables yielding’ crazies will not be deterred. Step up the police within the crowds.

- “In the Oct 31 attack, a 72yo man was seriously hurt after being stabbed by [a] 25yo. The suspect also allegedly ignited a fire inside the train.

The incident followed another knife attack in Aug when a man injured 10 passengers on a commuter train.

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However, cameras may be somewhat effective in deterring chikan where there is actual s-p-a-c-e between passengers?

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Like I said yesterday in another article here, all these surveilance cameras give me an uncomfortable feeling, but I guess they make things more safe and detain people from doing bad things.

Especially on trains with all these up-skirt photo taker and gropers.

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Why does the article say that cameras will be installed on newly built trains ?

What about the existing trains in operation why do they not get cameras ?

There should be a camera in each train car regardless if there's only one car.

The more safety measures the better.

Meanwhile they are conducting luggage searching the assailant could still cause trouble

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JR said they were going to install cameras on a majority of trains about 6 years ago in order to catch gropers. Never happened.

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I don’t know how effective they will be. There have been cases on packed trains where staff have not been able to get to incidents due to the trains being ridiculously packed. Also, it’s impossible to see any groping incidents on packed trains, which is where they usually happen.

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If we are going to add random baggage inspections let’s add plain clothed police so we have people in placed trained in what to look for and how to detain someone instead of some retiree with a radio.

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Under the measures, railway operators are asked to inform passengers about the location of emergency buttons and request that they use them without hesitation in an urgent situation.

Honestly, I think people here abuse the emergency button on trains too much. Every little issue warrants a pressing of the emergency button resulting in delays. Japan is one of the only places I know where there is no monetary penalty for misusing the emergency button on trains.

Also why have they only now decided to install cameras on trains? You'd think with their groping epidemic on train carriages they would have done this years ago.

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The transport ministry ordinance currently contains no requirements on security cameras whilst asking for passengers cooperation and understanding of baggage search and to request no hesitation to use the stop button in an emergency situation.

Thats asking alot of the passengers who already purchased a ticket to ride

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Good. Surprised the cameras are not already there. I have no problem with cameras on busses and trains. I think they're already installed in most countries.


In addition, when a passenger operated an emergency lever to make the train come to an emergency stop at the next station

What?? Pull the emergency stop lever, and the train waits until it reaches a station before it actually stops? Is this right??

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JR said they were going to install cameras on a majority of trains about 6 years ago in order to catch gropers. Never happened

JR East has already setup cameras on train

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Ouch! You called that out correct @acertainmagicalcat 7:46am:JR said they were going to install cameras on a majority of trains about 6 years ago in order to catch gropers. Never happened.”

Apr 3, 2018 -https://www.japantimes.co.jp/news/2018/04/03/national/jr-east-install-security-cameras-trains/ -

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Sure, and out of the TAX PAYERS account.

These operators have it made, they get subsidies and now cameras! and who knows what is next?

When will these companies stop robbing public funds??? probably never for as long as their partners are in public offices.

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Who is going to get the contract interests me.

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@letsberealistic “ yes, I post a lot about this because all the girlfriends I had in Japan had experienced sexual assault on a daily basis including once in my presence and it makes me mad that the male authorities do so little about it).” Let’s be realistic… that’s a lot of girlfriends and assaults you have experienced. Daily basis? Wow. Sounds a bit inflated to me.

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Six million cameras are watching people .....six million more needed..

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Not sure if good news.

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i have been taking train to work everyday and have noticed surveillance cameras installed all trains and even all around the train stations after the joker stabbing. But the trains being as jammed packed like a can is squashed sardines how are they going to get clear footage? It will help to make a person think twice before acting but it won’t help the suicidal that a determined to stab and beg for a death sentence because they intend to get arrested anyhow

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in the conversation here about cameras this seems to have not seen as much

to obtain passengers' understanding and cooperation over baggage inspections 

to me this is worse overreach than cameras everywhere. You can now miss several trains while someone digs into your belongings?

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“That's what happens when you have a male dominant government.” How? Please show us the correlation? Then along that line what would we see with a female dominant government? Let’s not tie actions of some sick persons with the government even sometimes we do not like what those in power do.

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"Newly built trains" could mean cameras won't be on anyone's train for decades. Just the government in "gotta do something" mode to make the paranoid public happy.

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Most buses which are safer and more comfortable to ride already have security cameras. I am surprised the trains took this long. It must be a price and scheduling issue. How long does it take to fit one train with cameras?

It seems like a long and expensive project with so many trains. Not to mention, there might be a supply issue with the pandemic. China looks to benefit from this major purchasing decision.

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China looks to benefit from this major purchasing decision.

Most likely. I also predict that at some point, the data from these cameras will be stolen or hacked into because everything has to be online these days right?

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Welcome to Nanny State Japan. Its how its changing. Resistance if futile.

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The stations should have security cameras too. Buildings should have security cameras outside too.

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P. SmithToday  11:52 am JST

Police have to have reasonable suspicion you committed a crime before they can inspect your baggage on the street. It’s extremely odd that railway firms will have more power to violate your privacy than the police.

Not in Japan; which anyone living here knows.

Anyone obstructing police duties can be lawfully searched by Japanese police.

If someone enters a koban police have the right to inspect that person and his baggage.

These are just two basic examples that any resident of Japan understands.

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Cameras have already been installed on a lot of trains. You also know how quickly Japanese people snap into line when the government simply makes a suggestion. 

Yep. Most of the Tokyu trains I use have cameras now. The JR trains I use already have them as well. All within the last 12 months. I think it’s a good thing personally, but I’d honestly rather JR focus on the platform doors for safer than anything else at the moment.

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I am surprised that they did not have them in the trains already, with bohan cameras all the stations. It is public transport, so do not see an issue with privacy. Of course the cameras will not prevent any crazy attack though.

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With 77% of Jp Jabbed, 5G should be clocking them by now.

according to many websites, but I cant drop the links here.

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Why say anything? Just install them.

The only people against this are already suspect.

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This is just a gimmick, considering a fact that everyone knows that there are cameras in every convenience store, but crimes are still being committed. Secondly, a train carriage is long and if there are many people, one camera or two will not suffice, there need to be at least 10 cameras per carriage. Thirdly and most important, who is going to monitor all those cameras constantly. To put this in to a realistic perspective, a five carriage train will have 50 cameras, one will need a huge display to be able to monitor them all at a reasonable size and employ 2 people per train to watch them and will need space on a train for all this...

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Secondly, a train carriage is long and if there are many people, one camera or two will not suffice, there need to be at least 10 cameras per carriage. Thirdly and most important, who is going to monitor all those cameras constantly. 

Tokyu trains I travel on usually have one camera at each section of doors, so four in total per carriage, however I was on a train on Thursday that had a different layout. I don’t think there will be constant monitoring like you imagine, but rather random monitoring with direct monitoring of problem situations when they arise and an ability to review footage when passengers make complaints.

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