Hacked cryptocurrency exchange refunds Y46.6 bil to customers

By Toru Yamanaka

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I am impressed. Wonder how that will make up that money now.

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Suspicious. The govt is checking their business and suddenly it is hacked. If I was police, I would check who had inside info.

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I'll believe that when I see it.

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Amazing these guys were able to pull almost half a BILLION dollars out of their own pocket to cover this.

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They made a killing in fees during the crypto bubble last year, I can believe it.

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This company has more free money in its coffers than Apple. If I were the Tax Men, I would do a little investigating.

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They have "credited" the accounts with NEM.  Proof of pudding will be when those folks try to withdraw real money.......

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Haruka, Apple has more than $440 million don’t they? Chicken feed.

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Apple had more than a quarter of $1 trillion in cash and investments on its balance sheet for the first time ever. To be precise (and remember all of this is in billions with a B): Apple had $256.8 billion in its cash stockpile at the end of its the most recent quarter, up from $233 billion at the same time last year.May 2, 2017

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Impressive indeed. Almost makes you want to invest in Coincheck.

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"They have "credited" the accounts with NEM. Proof of pudding will be when those folks try to withdraw real money......."

Already withdrew my yen from coinbase a couple weeks ago. Already sold some BTC and got yen straight into my bank last week. They are allowing cash to leave.

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