10 Halloween revelers referred to prosecutors for overturning truck


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The men, aging from their late teens to their 30s, are made up of Japanese and foreign nationals including French, British and Belgian students and tourists, investigators said.

Why they haven't captured them yet?

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Well dunno if its newsworthy besides having some foreigbers involved. If you flip someones truck over you should pay for it, and be held accountable.

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...including French, British and Belgian students and tourists

So much for the ugly Americans.

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Thanks, guys - you've just made everyone's life just a little more difficult.

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They are a multinational group of punks. Many business owners in Shibuya strongly dislike of having been dumped trash in front of their stores after Halloween. We are mourning that these punks are lacking common sense. It would be no problem that they are enjoying peacefully and obeying the rule.

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A-flip out, skip out, trip-out and a-make your stand, folks, any day of the's such a 'raz' scene, a groovy place to live. Hmm, hmm, hmm. Come take a walk in sane Shibuya.

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This all started about 4 years ago when Halloween was on a Friday. Now, unfortunately, the fun of Halloween is gone and people are coming just to make trouble. However, next year, they have already said that there will be no more Halloween in the streets. So yes as "Expat" said, Thanks, you have made it more difficult to have a good time in Shibuya.

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property destruction

Criminal damage would be a better translation.

While I support bringing yobbos to justice, I can't help but think that going to such lengths is not the best use of police resources. I have the feeling that if it weren't for those nasty gai-jiin, the cops would be back to munching doughnuts in no time at all.

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I have a question. Has anyone seen anyone seen any video footage of foreigners physically making contact with the truck? At the time of the incident I saw lots of news footage of what appeared to be young Japanese men pushing or jumping on the truck. I did see some foreigners standing around apparently enjoying the scene, which is boorish behavior, but not a crime in itself. If any foreigners physically took part in damaging the truck, of course they should face the legal consequences. My fear is that some foreigners may be used as scapegoats merely because they were in proximity to the event. Blaming foreigners, ever popular in Japan, and popular almost everywhere in the world!

But hold on, maybe I'm wrong! If there is video of foreigners damaging the truck, please direct me to a site where I can see it. However, if there is no video of foreigners damaging the truck, hard questions of the Japanese police and media need to be asked.

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Ban Halloween in Japan, I don't care!

Halloween is not essential to Westerners living in Japan, and Japanese people certainly can live without it.

The craze for Halloween has come to Japan for two reasons. First, people in Japan and everywhere, especially younger people, will take on new things if it gives them an excuse to have fun. Secondly, businesses will always promote whatever new nonsense arises because it gives them an opportunity to make more money.

Halloween has long been problematic in the countries where it is traditionally celebrated because stupid and/or criminal behavior often accompanies the night. Western people have always had mixed feelings about Halloween. I won't get into the origins of Halloween, but I can safely say that it is not an important cultural event in the countries where it is traditionally practiced.

If you the Japanese reader really don't want Halloween in Japan, call your diet members and lobby them to put forth a bill banning Halloween in Japan. We foreigners are not holding a gun to your head, metaphorically or otherwise, demanding that you have Halloween in Japan.

What you saw in late October of 2018 was a pretty accurate representation of Halloween, a lot of innocent fun ruined by stupidity and mindless criminality.

Halloween is not going to change. If you Japanese choose to keep Halloween (and you can choose otherwise) don't blame us foreigners.

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in your post, you write that, "However, next year, they have already said that there will be no more Halloween in the streets." Where did you come across that information? I'd like to know more. Thanks.

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