Inmate who escaped from open-type prison had problem with guard, prosecutors claim


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At least he didn’t hurt anybody and showed what fools j police are.

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Hirao has told the police he escaped because it was difficult to remain at the prison, reportedly telling them he was "disgusted with relationships."

That's odd, I thought prison was supposed to be fun and cater to one's every desires.

He wanted to be free from relationships inside the prison and so, left a letter of apology in his shoe box and ran away, they said.

After fleeing from Matsuyama Prison's Oi shipyard, a rare open-type prison facility, Hirao eluded a massive police search for three weeks that involved tens of thousands of personnel.

According to the indictment, Hirao escaped from prison at around 6 p.m. on April 8 through a window of the facility's first floor. He stole some 30,000 yen and a car as well as about 60 other items, including a minibike and an identification card, worth around 310,000 yen in total in Imabari and Onomichi in Hiroshima Prefecture.

So, just at the drop of a hat, anyone in the prison can just leave? It's that simple?

Or is Hirao just that damn good? He makes it all look so easy?

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So, basically, the headline is "Prisoner who escaped from prison didn't like being in prison."

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Well now, after running away from a minimum security prison, stealing a car and spending two weeks on the lamb with a search that involved 15,000 police ‘perhaps’ he will be put into a real prison.

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