Japan to boost regulation of online sites for vulnerable people


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Reading this just makes you feel very sick inside knowing those innocent people have been wronged. What makes one individual to create something dark and demented to do this kind of thing, there is stress and problems you deal with in life but not like this. It just seems like those people made those choices because they given up hope. This guy is mess up in the head and probably has his own problems that he wants to make everyone miserable around him.

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Typical Japan do something after a disaster, really, probably could have done this, foreseen that sites dedicated to death might actually lead to mmmm death. Probably not a healthy thing. Particularly when cultural norms seem to embrace suicide as an acceptable deed?

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More regulations............ Pfff

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Why must the government need to take these measures? It's the parents that should have direct control over their children's PC. Parents need to start taking better care of their children. My sister had full control. So easy to switch off the internet in the house when the kids were bad. Rule is Mom and Dad have 24/7 access to the iPhone, iPad, and PC.

And there is still that question as to how a ( a few in this case) teen goes missing for so long and no public notices go out? I haven't seen any mention in the English news of when the police were notified of the missing CHILDREN.

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"We absolutely have to take steps to prevent this happening again,"

This is a tragedy by any account, and I agree that something should be done to help prevent similar events, but I wonder what would actually be effective, and what steps the government will take saying they are to stop this sort of behavior, but actually have another, right-limiting effect to the general population.

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I predict ineffective measures that will be more of an inconvenience to everyone rather than beneficial to those that need help.

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what about doing practice attack drills with 3 US battle groups against a involitire, unpredictable SRBM nuclear armed state? surely that is suicide for japan. but its OK to back it.

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Regulations? They need to ban them completely and replace them with professional help websites that are easily accessible.

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”And there is still that question as to how a ( a few in this case) teen goes missing for so long and no public notices go out? I haven't seen any mention in the English news of when the police were notified of the missing CHILDREN.“

I did not see a breakdown by age, but did see a News item that said missing person reports were filed within one week for all victims in this case. Also for one of the teenagers whose phone had been traced to a train station, flyers with her photo and a drawing showing her clothing when last seen, was being handed out around that station by her mother.

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Educator60, Thanks for the info.

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More regulations by big brother. There's nothing much the government can or could have done to prevent a scenario like this one to happen. If someone feels awful enough to wanting to take their lives and want to make it public (Twitter, Facebook, etc) they will AND SHOULD! By far, not everyone on the other side will be some wacko like this guy. Many will try to give hope and drive them away from that path.

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Filter questionable content is one step closer to China

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Well intentioned but attempting to address symptoms rather than the root causes.

This is not something I look to the government to do for me instead of taking responsibility myself as a parent.

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Sounds like a good solution. Targeted ads are nothing new, I’m bombarded constantly in news feeds, FB and Twitter. Use the same thing to help these people. Also maybe find them and hold them for a psych eval. Perpetrator, victim, whatever is wrong maybe it will save a few lives. Much better than what happen to those poor young people

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The plans under consideration could include demanding internet firms filter out problematic content, public broadcaster NHK reported.

Oh boy. Once again, the "cure" is worse than the problem. Demanding more censorship? Where does this stop? A filtered internet, like China and Saudi Arabia?

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