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Japan to launch police bureau to counter cybercrime


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Welcome to 1999! Next we'll be hearing that they'll have a division for Murder, Auto-theft and Serious Crime. They will have to go on a conscription drive as all current Police at the minute are swamped in the Anti-Double Bicycle Riding Enforcement Bureau and the Gaij Harassment Division

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nishikatJan. 30  11:52 am JST

They can’t even patrol the streets, how are they supposed to patrol the web?

Streets are safe dude, at least for me even at 3AM. Maybe they don't need to patrol. But don't underestimate the new cybercrime cops.

Cybercrimes are invisible. They're not physical. You don't need cops patrolling to fight it.

And cyberwar isn't 'physical' either. Russia commits cyberwar on everyone they can. They committed it on the USA to install their puppet Trump into the WH.

However, cyberwar is sometimes used as a prelude to a physical war. That occurred in the 1999 Kosovo War, the 2011 Libya War and possibly the 1986 Libya war.

zichiJan. 30  02:01 pm JST

There are also Japanese hackers.


And there are hackers in many nations now who are not aligned with any government. Anonymous, Crybaby and other such groups are cyberpunks, they love to disrupt and cause trouble. Just like the pirates of 300 years ago.

It's a new form of criminal activity and people just can't see physical activity. It's online.

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Late to the party again.

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I really hope they at least choose people that know about cybercrime to be on important positions. Unfortunately for Japan this is not a given.

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"IT skills in Japan are akin to third world countries."

A Third World country in which is live and REFUSE to leave!

Boggles the mind!

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Nah, the news was release last year i think. But they did mention the bureau will only be formed in 2022. So technically they are on right on schedule.

Btw, i think most readers here are under the wrong impression when it comes to cybercrimes countering. While it's true that a lot of japan companies aren't that well protected or digitalize, that is a completely separate issue when it comes to the government force themselves. Once the government want to do something, they are capable of getting the best to work for them and in secret. Do not confuse private companies IT workers with government working ones. Because for example look at North Korea. Their country technology nationwide isn't that impressive, but their government does have the best hackers working for them.

People shouldn't underestimate the significant of this whole thing right now. Japan is on the world 5th most owned satilites in orbit. If government is willing to provide the fund to truly invest in cyber crimes and really focus their effort, you are gonna be surprise just what they truly can do. Plus they probably won't tell you anyway considered it's national security.

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Japan is a safe country from regular crime.

Guess you dont watch the AM news, or read Japanese newspapers, or local press.

Oh and define "regular" crime.... your comment here is a joke, born from ignorance!

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Huh? Wasnt this initially announced like 10 years ago? Right...slow news day!

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There is a great number of IT graduates in the private sector in Japan with PhD degrees from Ivy league unis . If they were offered the proper incentives they could move to the public sector.

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let's hope the chief has actually used a computer at least once in his life, this time XD

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They can’t even patrol the streets, how are they supposed to patrol the web?

Streets are safe dude, at least for me even at 3AM. Maybe they don't need to patrol. But don't underestimate the new cybercrime cops. Know of a foreigner (ex-coworker of a friend) who went on a shopping spree in Japan from stolen credit card numbers on the dark web and he was busted in no time. I heard he was at the airport with his lady friend getting ready to take off and out of the shadows like Spiderman they grabbed him (GF was not arrested since she had nothing to do with it) This was years ago before this new cyber crime bureau. This will help.

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They need this. Russia has been waging cyberwar on every nation they can, and installed the puppet DJT in the WH. And nearby China has been trying to steal industrial secrets the same way.

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They'll have to upgrade from Windows 8.

They're still years away from upgrading to Windows 8.

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Hopefully they will go after more of those African dating app scammers with many unfortunately existing in Japan. And it is a very big problem in Japan:


You use these dating apps in Japan, and almost on a daily basis you can find someone foreign and local phishing with with fake accounts too good to be true. If the Japan cops put their minds to it and collaborate with Tinder and all that, they could effectively stamp out a lot of these people ripping off these lonely hearts in Japan.

Japan is a safe country from regular crime. But if they can focus on local dating app scam crimes, that will make a great contribution to a safer society here.

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Let’s not forget the recent minister for technology had to be taught how to write emails. Better late than never.

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They can’t even patrol the streets, how are they supposed to patrol the web?

Also, hackers don’t turn themselves in like the plebeians in the streets.

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"OK boys dust off that 1972 IBM 5000 mainframe and get those mag tapes ready. Fax machines, go. Windows XP, go."

They really should upgrade from 2002 to 2022 first.

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Do the police even know what cyber is? IT skills in Japan are akin to third world countries.

That would be an insult to third world countries though. Japan's in a league of their own when it comes to abysmal IT skills and infrastructure.

I'd be shocked if they actually assigned competent IT savvy police officers to this task force who know which end of a USB stick to use.

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Hey, welcome to the 21st century! Fashionably late as usual, Japan but please, wow us with tales on how you plan to deter cybercrimes with fax machines and floppy disks!

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My guess is that this will be done within the confines of the established budget framework.

In other words. NO MONEY.

Good luck with that.

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Do the police even know what cyber is? IT skills in Japan are akin to third world countries.

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Sweet section 9 comes to life at last

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Well, that’s at least twenty years too late.

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