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Japanese police to use new holsters to prevent disarming of officers


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Japanese police with guns is a waste of resources. Given the number of police that shoot themselves or colleagues, they need more training in self control, mental health issues and safety.

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I think better protocols of handling their guns would be more appropriate. An officer needs to get his/her gun out quickly if it’s needed. They don’t want to be grappling with a thief-proof holster.

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Japanese police are armed with revolvers, not pistols...

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I thought police were highly trained in martial arts?

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Does it help Police Officers not to forget their handguns in public toilets?

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The new holsters, made of leather and resin, ...are you kidding? Leather and resin? What no wood? Tactical holsters are usually made of strengthened plastic are light weight and allow the weapon to only be drawn from a specific angle. Guess the faxweb used for reaseach doesn't have that listing yet. Also they are cheep. Suprised these new fangled holsters don't have the added safety of a padlock attachment.

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Yes revolvers 5 shot .38 caliber Mitsubishi copy's of Smith & Wesson 38s. But that's no excuse for issuing a holster that is a 1960 design. Granted most police draw their weapon to shoot themselves in the head. Given that it does not look cool or actually practical to have a holster half the weight of the firearm on your belt. I would suggest going to an airsoft shop and actually getting a modern functional holster. Rather than giving a company who's idea of shinier leather is the answer.

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Hmmm, does Toyama have more of a problem than most ?

Why don't they mention the body cams, and the tazers, I do think more secure holsters is wise, who are we as a race, as a specie, do you think we are moving towards a time where we have no guns, maybe only the armed ones will be A.I. controlled, like Pepper with AK45.

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Will excellent point, body cams! Probably after filmed and taped interrogation is normal. Tasers big yes. Most importantly training and time off to destress. When your working day is dealing with difficult situations. Instead of 12 hour shift, how about 8. Yes you'r point about guns is on the spot. They are a last resort not the first and quodos for Japanese police. More training would benifit all over a resin covered leather holster.

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CrickyToday  07:29 pm JST

Yes revolvers 5 shot .38 caliber Mitsubishi copy's of Smith & Wesson 38s

Mitsubishi has nothing to do with the standard J-Police issue revolver the New Nambu M-60. Shin-Chuo Industries started manufactig in 1957 at the behest of MITI, Ministry of International Trade and Industry which existed from 1949 to 2001. They are based on S&W J and K frames but then just about any revolver of any worth is.

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How about replacing (not just supplementing) with tazers or stun guns? Not usually lethal, but will incapacitate a perp.

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Where I'm at now, I find it laughable that its easier to get a gun that kills than a tazer that stuns. Guess we wanna make sure to kill or maim intruders. Logic...

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Looking at the photo, looks suspiciously like a World Order routine, they should get onto their IP lawyer...

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Many phase 3 hoistets on the market today offer sufficient securing measures for any handgun. Japanese Police receive excellent martial arts training & must qualify to carry firearms. Mentality of there usage lies with the individual LEO as it does with any 1st Responder, there can Never any two scenarios alike — officers just train the best they can & hopefully they’ll respond in kind,

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OnssanAmerica use a computer not a fax. It's a 5 shot revolver made by yes Shin-Chhou a subsidiary company of Mitsubishi. You can nit pick and I'm sure that's a lapel badge for you but it's a copy of a Smith & Wesson non the less made under licence. They are worth good money in America. Many police forces sell them back for resell and get a subsidised purchase of new weapons. But the story is about a leather and resign holster not the actual firearms. And it's says a lot about the police force that the holster is a focus not the actual firearms. It is a definite positive. My point was mearly the holster is retro.

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Interesting. I remember the California Highway Patrol used locking clam shell form holsters in the 1950s that were also snag proof.

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Maybe it's time to upgrade to semi-automatic pistols.

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The Nambu 60's were built with lanyard rings, I hope it is still common practice to use them. It is an old means of weapons retention on handguns, and a solid one, although it will not help an officer or any other handgun carrier in certain situations. Retention holsters have been around for some time now, good designs have been proven, excellent draw by the user and difficult draw by anyone else. I'm sure if Japan designs its own it will be a high quality one, I would be almost certain. The greater problem is violence is low in Japan and the police are more used to peaceful interaction, this makes ambush a bit easier. Even in countries where crime is high and police are used to hostile encounters, guile and approach can be used by criminals to get close to an officer to attack him. People must remember it is a dangerous, difficult job wherever they are.

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Police doesn’t need to be armed by using guns, I think

it’s kind of waste of money and waste of time to use new holsters...

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@Jones, you may want to rethink that if there is a crazy with knife/sword/firearm bearing down on you.

There are plenty of holsters out there which offer varying levels of retention, given sufficient training Police can become quite proficient in their use.

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Why do the police here need to routinely carry guns anyway?

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CrickyFeb. 2  10:46 pm JST

OnssanAmerica use a computer not a fax. It's a 5 shot revolver made by yes Shin-Chhou a subsidiary company of Mitsubishi. 

Please give me a link that shows Shin-Chu Kogyo KK is a subsidiary of Mitsubishi.

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Sounds like new officers are what is needed, not new holsters. Get them off the rice balls and onto some muscle-building protein and weight-training exercises.

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That's cool and all, but how will this benefit us? They need to change the super outdated laws!

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