Kagoike, wife served with fresh warrant over fraud


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Wow ok, they told on the WRONG people.

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Why even bother, they'll never spend a day in jail.

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Falling on Abe's sword

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I personally love how these proud nationalists, who try to brainwash children into thinking Japan is some kind of paradise worth dying for, have no qualms about milking millions of yen from their beloved Japan.

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He looks miserable!

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Hey it's no joke being arrested here. He's probably staying in a cell till they charge him. Could be weeks or months even.

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When are they going to investigate and detain those who discounted the land or are they above the law.

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This couple may be criminals and rightly ought to be condemned for their actions, but they won't be the only couple in Japan who know how to extract maximum amounts of subsidies from the rest of us taxpayers.

Why voters don't demand the politicians put and end to these subsidy schemes is beyond me. There have to be numerous better ways of ensuring that scarce taxpayer monies reach the needy than the present systems.

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Can't do much about the beauracracts as they "lost" the paper work, isn't paper work their thing. So you can be confident lost = destroyed on purpose, happens surprisingly often when the regime are put under any degree of accountability. My next tax return I might loose...damn my number.

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The nail that sticks up get hammered (as does his Mrs)

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dog and pony show

where's abe's arrest warrant. he is the criminal behind this scheme. he is the one that facilitated illegal transfer of money.

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No judges or prosecutors are going against the LDP.

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