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Lawyer apologizes for embarrassing Ghosn with disguise during release

By Yuri Kageyama

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Apologize? For what, the lawyer finally got Ghosn out of detention, something no one else could do.

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I thought it was obvious as to why Ghosn was dressed the way he was. They thought it would fool the reporters as to which vehicle he would be transported in, and it did work a bit, but you can't fool everyone.

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It's an "embarrassment" if it didn't work.

It'd be a "clever move" if it did.

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Takano said he came up with the disguise scheme because he was worried that the place Ghosn will be living "would be known throughout the world." He said "by some miracle" Ghosn was able to reunite quietly with his family in his new residence.

He should have hired Arnold Schwarzenegger to whisk him away to his new place Eraser style.

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I am just curious. Were many people really wondering why and questioning it? even if its covered by a comedy show, that is the point of comedy shows.

"My immature plan, as a result, has tarnished the reputation that he has devoted his whole life to build," Takano said of his client.

So the costume is what ruins his reputation in Japan. Not all the allegations from the previous 6 months. But the custome is what finally made people think he may be a bad person or a guilty person.

the place Ghosn will be living "would be known throughout the world."

I highly doubt hundreds of people will suddenly buy flights to Japan just for a chance to see how he is living. They do understand that he is a not a celebrity. Also, most of the international press focused on Japan itself and not the individual.

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Ghosn is out of jail after a harsh and unnecessarily long detention. Isn't that the only important thing?

If I were him, I wouldn't have cared if I was wearing a Mickey Mouse costume. I would have just been happy about getting out.

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Ppffffttt.....now are we going to be reading about what he had for his first meal after he got out?

This is a waste of bandwidth story!

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Ghosn should have just wore full faced skii mask along with few others decoys and cars...

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There is a phrase in Japanese that Takano doesn’t practice 正々堂々 seiseidoudou. He made Gohn looked like a charlatan when the earnest sincere and honest image was required.

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Ghosn looked fine.  He is probably lounging at home in a similar outfit.

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I know what my Halloween costume is going to be this year!

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Hmmmm. Has he ever heard of a decoy? Walk out with a group of similar clothed people and have them jump in various vans that drive in various directions. Not just THE one person everyone wants to chase. Clearly he hasn't seen any heist movies. And for fecks sake use a full face covering mask.

Either way, simple mistake, he is out, that's all that matters for now.

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Not very dignified. I would have strode out in a business suit, head held high, rather than in a costume.

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He should sue the lawyer then.!

Will be interesting anyway as to how this pans out now.

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"..., has tarnished the reputation that he has devoted his whole life to build,"

So he suggests that wearing normal working clothes (like the 150 000 Nissan blue collars) would be having a "tarnished reputation" ?

  Isn't that the only important thing?

They seem out of ideas to deter attention from the case.

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Should've got a black hat like most everyone else in picture. Might as well have given him a striped shirt, glasses, and cane (a la waldo).

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and many think gaijin are petty in their criticism of Japan,

I think Japanese do a far better job at it themsleves, complaining what Ghosn wearing or having your hands in your pocket on a cold day.

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Things are always better in clear light. Anyway, what done ,had been done. Thank god Carlos is with his family now. Think before one do, is always best. Just say clearly in writing is best. In this case, with a big place=card Pls leave Carlos alone on a big hand-held card sign will do.

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I'm guessing that he was being given a preview of what his next job would be like. One in which you wear a uniform to do your job. Street sweeper etc.

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So the costume is what ruins his reputation in Japan.

I seem to remember Japans Prime Minister wearing an infantile costume and stepping out of it, at the closing ceremony of the Olympic Games I'm Brazil. Not sure if it effected the PM's reputation.

Anyway, a great lawyer, all sorted it now. I hope when this case is over (and even during this case), Takishi Takano will take up the cases of ordinary Japanese (an foreign people) who are not rich and cannot afford Bail at such ridiculous amounts, with a special low fee, and are languishing in that disgusting Detention Center, having been accused of wrongdoing.

He will do more for Japanese advancement than just about anybody else in history.

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