Locals remember 9-year-old Vietnamese girl murdered last March


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That poor little girl, and her poor grieving parents.

It's irrelevant, but I wonder how the killer's family is faring - it must be awful for them, if they are still living in the area.

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Thy short drop with a sudden stop awaiteth thee.

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I remember this horrific incident.

And yes, if he did it, absolutely the death penalty.

Preferably a painful death, but we dont do that anymore.

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If there is ANY crime here that absolutely demands the death penalty - this is it. It simply doesnt get any worse.

Rest in Peace with the Angels, innocent little Linh.

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I'm amazed how LATE the trial is so late.

Japan. Stop wasting time already.

Enough with dumb meetings and paperwork.

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Dear's Remember is very painful my heart is broken my dear daughter murder and severe punishment soon to killer i am deep sorrow to Great her families.

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I understand that human beings can be incredibly cruel to one another. Murdering an innocent child is the cruelest.

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Horrible and tragic.

But one more murder won't bring back the innocent lost life.

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Heartbreaking case. The father has been often standing outside the train station with a sign asking for public support for the prosecution. I think the family really needs a sense of justice at least and I hope very much they get it. As an international case affecting an immigrant family, the Japanese system cannot afford to get this wrong. Vietnamese people expect harsh punishment. I'm against the death penalty, but, if they're going to have it, this is the time to break it out.

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So terribly sad.


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Toasted Heretic

Executing a child killer is NOT murder.

How dare you!

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I do not agree with the death penalty but will make an exception for this case.

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