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Man’s life sentence for killing 17-year-old girl upheld by high court


The Tokyo High Court has upheld a decision by the Tokyo District Court in May that sentenced a 31-year-old man to life in prison for killing a 17-year-old girl in 2015.

The high court denied the appeal of Masahiro Aoki, Fuji TV reported Saturday. Aoki was convicted of killing student Kana Iwase, who worked part-time at the same convenience store as he did until one month prior to her murder on Nov 12, 2015.

Iwase's mother had reported her missing when she did not return home from school that day.

The court heard that Chiba police received a call from Aoki in which he said he had killed a girl. They contacted Tokyo police who went to Aoki's apartment in Edogawa Ward where they found Iwase's naked body in the bathtub. An autopsy revealed she had been strangled to death.

Aoki, who was in the apartment, was arrested and charged with murder. He had also taken 7,000 yen from Iwase's bag.

Aoki told police that he had "accidentally on purpose" bumped into Iwase after she left work on Nov 11 because he knew her schedule. He told police he offered to give her some anime goods as a present and made an appointment to meet her at JR Koiwa

Station after she finished school on Nov 12 and invited her back to his apartment. As soon as Iwase entered his apartment, Aoki confessed to police that he immediately attacked her from behind and strangled her with his hands and part of her school uniform.

In his appeal, Aoki told the court that prior to the crime, life had become tough for him and he had given up all hope and that he wanted to end it all.

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happens all too often here media should warn young girls never to enter rooms with men, her body was found naked but article doesn't say if she had been raped RIP young lady

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This is more of a mental insitution client, though. With the way he is, without external help life sentence is as good as death sentence. More expensive, though.

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"accidentally on purpose" 

Nice. My brother used to hit me "accidentally on purpose" as well.

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He had given up hope and wanted to end it all so he killed someone else instead of committing suicide.

Whst kind of twisted logic is this?

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Aoki told the court that prior to the crime, life had become tough for him and he had given up all hope and that he wanted to end it all.

Another shameless coward with absolutely zero credible logic. Hope he rots!

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