Man admits responsibility in fatal abuse of 10-year-old daughter


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"He repeatedly abused Mia when he had something that disturbed him and relieved his stress by doing so.

I will never understand how people can "relieve" stress by torturing, abusing a child, a little kid or whoever it is. I mean, I do other things, I play football, I go to the gym, shouldn't that be the norm? His remorse maybe genuine, but that does not excuse his little daughter's death.

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Thank you Japan Today for not using the word "father" in your headline. This terrible man does not deserve to be called "father".

I only wish he was sent to prison in the United States or the UK where child molesters, and wife-beaters do not have a long survival rate.

What a horrible person!

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Rot in hell..

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Rest in Peace, Mia.

Another weak, cowardly animal who enjoys beating, torturing and killing little children. There is only one punishment appropriate for this animal : execution. Not a single tear will be shed anywhere - guaranteed.

Members of the education board and child welfare officers should be fired and lose the entirety of their pension over this.

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"I never starved her or weakened her. Neither did I keep her standing, or shower her with cold water," Yuichiro Kurihara, 42, said

A likely story in itself, perhaps not on a daily basis, but it did happen and very doubtful any 10 yr old would do this to themselves. However readers this case bothers me that the agency played its part too in allowing this to continue and still does today for example "child welfare centers to "intervene" in abuse cases by separating staff members in charge of taking children into protective custody from those dealing with their guardians". Just this week alone I read and heard on media of a 9 yr old girl abused by her parents, she went to the child welfare center seeking protective custody at 3 am mind you, and was sent to the local police station alone during that time wandering until she found the police station only to be sent back to the parents home and now is deceased. How can this happen without paying closer attention to details. What kid would be out there wandering around seeking help but turned away. So much for the Government intervention. It didn't work yet again.

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A very sad story.


“I only wish he was sent to prison in the United States or the UK where child molesters, and wife-beaters do not have a long survival rate.”

I’m from the UK.

That’s a lot of nonsense that you’ve written there.

Child molesters and wife beaters are not regularly murdered in prison in the UK, as you claim.

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but he denied some of the claims, saying that "Although the defendant's acts went too far, the abuse was not on a daily basis."

Yeah just... Monday, tuesday, friday and saturday your honnor.

What a scum. Put that dude away.... far away...

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Admitting guilt lightens the sentence....

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@ Hokkaidoboy.

“I will never understand how people can "relieve" stress by torturing, abusing a child, a little kid or whoever it is. “

I agree completely but we’re not all empathetic good people, read about the dark triad at your own risk.

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I will never understand how people can "relieve" stress by torturing, abusing a child, a little kid or whoever it is.

Its perfectly easy to understand and people relieve their stress by abusing others all the time, whether physically or psychologically. It has to do with sharing and not feeling like the only one in pain and also just feeling powerful.

Refusing to understand is not going to help society. Its too bad this guy was apparently not taught or directed to other forms of stress relief. I find it more true that upbringing is the problem rather than genetics in cases like this.

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My blood still boils when I think of that spineless education board that handed him the questionnaire filled out by the daughter. She filled out under the promise that it was confidential. And these cowards bent like spaghetti when the bully demanded they give it to him. What a betrayal.

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She wrote a memo to the school about her abuse.... The school board passed this on to her “father”.

So when a terrified, abused 10 year old got the courage to speak up and seek help, those whose job it was to support her passed this on to her abuser. I cannot imagine helplessness she must have felt on finding this out.

I sincerely hope the staff members involved are no longer involved with anything to do with child welfare or children in general.

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An absolutely sickening story. Sadly, not an unfamiliar one on these pages. Responses can be broken down into 1) what to do with this guy, and 2) why it happens.

As for 1), I don't believe in the death penalty, and I expect a few of the usual suspects to come in soon demanding it. This is actually the kind of case that makes me question my belief. On the face of it, there is certainly more justification for it here than in the case of some decent woman having one lapse of concentration and causing a fatal traffic accident. I must admit that visions of giving the guy a good flogging, say 50 lashes, in a public space (prior to rehabilitation efforts) come to mind. But this is the 21st century. We can't do that. And DV offenders can be reformed. It has happened (I'm thinking of stories from my home country).

As for 2), I refer to @John McCartney

Refusing to understand is not going to help society.

I had to re-read your post a couple of times to be sure I understood you, but I think you're saying that we have to grasp why this kind of sick individual emerges, and what to do about that. I don't pretend to have all the answers to such a complex problem, but one thing I notice is that defendants in these cases always say "I wanted to discipline the child". The idea that "violence = discipline" needs to be eradicated as soon as possible, starting with the education system, and the judicial system (stop giving any consideration to this as some kind of excuse).

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Tragic failure by the child welfare officials. Such events should not happen.

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Sorry POS. He deserves to get what he gave.

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I understand that the BoE screwed up but her death is solely due to that monster of a man on trial. Let’s not lessen his guilt by spreading the blame. She had already been taken away at that point. Don’t you think he would’ve figured out that her school reported the abuse?

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Let’s not lessen his guilt by spreading the blame. She had already been taken away at that point.

She had already been taken way once, but returned to the family. The father is a monster, but these spineless BOE members could and should have protected her. There was footage of him at the meeting, bullying them, and they caved. Can you imagine the daughter when he came home and showed her the letter she wrote asking for help?

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Yes, I'm inclined to think the BOE is equally liable. If they have done their job properly then the father wouldn't have been able to lay his hand on the child again.

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@WilliB Feb. 23 02:57 am JST

To be fair to the BoE officials, the whole "Daddy looked threatening" aside, part of the problem is that as far as they are aware, the only people that are certainly infringing on parental rights and family life is them. Ultimately, it's not like they saw firsthand whether Mia was abused or not, so there is only a probability that the infringement is justified, further Justified Infringement is still infringement.

If it is challenged in court, there's a chance, perhaps even a good one that they can lose (in which case Mia will be exposed to the parents, this time with court approval) and there can be no doubt they'll personally suffer for that rather than be "shielded" by the system. They probably weighed the odds and decided to bet on the side that at least Mia won't die under her dad (in which case they'll probably get away with their decision).

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