Man arrested after 3 found dead in house in Kagoshima Pref


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"Tomohiro Iwakura, was arrested on suspicion of strangling one of the three victims to death."

Suspicious yeah.. yeah ya dont stop..its 187 on that J-trio, and its like that cause that's the way it is.

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Woman (Iwakura) in her 80's and a son (Iwakura) are missing. They are not currently listed as victims but missing.

The three victims discovered are:

The missing woman's (Iwakura) 69-year-old daughter-in-law Takako Iwakura and wife of her oldest son

Latter's sister Kuniko Sakaguchi, 72.

The third victim is a neighbor, Hiroyuki Goto, 47.

The women's grandson, Tomohiro Iwakura was arrested for the murders.

The murder were discovered because the oldest son of the missing women learnt that his brother had not been to work for several days, who in turn asked his wife Takako Iwakura to go to the house and check. She was murdered.

So when unable to contact his wife, Takako Iwakura, he also asked the neighbor Hiroyuki Goto to also check the house, and was murdered for his troubles.

Chinese puzzle indeed.

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Were they really found dead or only in cardiorespiratory arrest?

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their reluctance to do anything to ameliorate the conditions which foment such ultra-madness is worth a shot

And what "conditions" would these be that need state intervention to ameliorate? You do not say and it is not immediately obvious from the report.

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I read the article, and then I read your summarized outline. Sometimes some of the crimes I read about in Japan are so weird and convoluted, that it helps to have a more outlined summary of events, like the one you wrote, just to make sure I’m understandng it correctly.

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I read the post several times and checked the original but couldn't get my head around the various characters so had to try and work it out myself?

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