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Man arrested after corpse of infant found buried by river


Police in Yorii, Saitama Prefecture, have arrested a 34-year-old Vietnamese man on suspicion of abandoning a body after the corpse of an infant was found in shrubbery on a riverbank.

According to police, the man called 119 at around 12:30 a.m. Wednesday and said his wife was sick. She was taken to hospital where doctors immediately determined she had given birth. The hospital contacted police.

The suspect told police his wife, who is in her 20s and also Vietnamese, had given birth to a stillborn baby in the toilet at their home the night before. He said he had buried the infant in bushes by the Arakawa River.

Police found the corpse partially buried and covered by several rocks.

Police said they will also question the man’s wife after she recovers.

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If you weren't THERE when it happened, YOU DON'T KNOW.

They may NOT be lying, ever think of that ?

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Why didn’t he call paramedics when his wife went into labor? This case makes even less sense because it’s not involving a single woman… if they are here legally were they ignorant enough to think they’d be deported? Or maybe they were both visa overstayers. Don’t know but I doubt it was still born. Newborns are often unresponsive until their airways are cleared. Sad. Rip.

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I just hope the police have the humanity to at least try and understand what this couple went through and their plight. Cops with compassion onegaishimasu.

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You don’t need to be there to see that they are lying. She should not be giving birth in toilet

FYI - In Japan, the word "toilet" refer to the room, sometimes called "water closet" in the West, not the bowl itself.

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“New born infant” and “stillborn” are totally different. They should get councilling.

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have arrested a 34-year-old Vietnamese man 

his wife, who is in her 20s and also Vietnamese, 

Their country of origin is not necessary! Many readers would probably accept the following :

A 34 year old man was arrested on suspicions of.....

(name) who resides in Saitama prefecture......

His wife, had given birth to a stillborn baby in the toilet at their home the night before. 

There's no reason to add their exact/guestimated ages & countries, yet dehumanize them by not even naming people in these types of articles.

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The worse of the worse. They are cold blooded psychopathic killers and nothing else. The victim was completely dependent and had no chance or possibility to defend or resist, while they are two adults without having shown any compassion. They could, in any own bad situation, give the baby someone else or put it alive somewhere where it is easily found and can be saved, a hospital entrance, bus or train station, convenience store, near a koban entrance if they fear to step in and so on and on. But they chose murder.

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You don’t need to be there to see that they are lying. She should not be giving birth in toilet. If it was emergency and they couldn’t reach hospital, they should have instantly call emergency. I hope authorities are smarter than the commentators not to buy into these lies. A baby’s life has to be recognised as a human person.

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