Man arrested after wife found dead at home in Yamagata Pref


Police in Tendo, Yamagata Prefecture, said Friday they have arrested a 68-year-old man after his 63-year-old wife was found dead in their home on Thursday night.

Police found the body of Noriko Sato, a pharmacist, at around 10:20 p.m. Thursday after her elder sister contacted them to say she hadn’t heard from her in awhile.

The doors and windows of house were all locked when police arrived. They said Sato had several external injuries after having been beaten and was confirmed dead at the scene.

Sato lived alone with her husband Shigeru. He had not been seen for a few days but on Friday afternoon, accompanied by a lawyer, he turned himself in at a police box in Tokyo.

Police said he has admitted to killing his wife.

Editor's note: Story has been updated to show that the victim's husband has been arrested.

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Enough of the family killing family stories. Maybe you should create a family murder section separate from the crime section, so that we can read about other crimes without seeing this depressing crap.

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Sato lived alone with her husband Shigeru

That's an interesting sentence

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Glad the husband turned himself in rather quickly.

Sensei258, “Enough of the family killing family stories.”

Why? Family murders are crimes, why ignore them or put them in a separate section. A lot of what goes on in the world, including non-murder, non-crime stories, is depressing/disturbing. I don’t see any reason to treat these stories any differently.

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There are some people who believe JT likes to sensationalise these family murders to increase their viewers. However, if you watch the TV news as well, you will see that, these family murders are very common, hence their frequency in the news.

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Lemmings spring to mind. Although these criminals don't jump off a mountain, the end result is the same, a life or two or three over

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Do media in other countries separate family murders into their own section? Just this week I’ve read articles about a half-dozen or more family murders in the US. They were just in the crime or trending sections (and those were just the ones that made their way into a national lightweight publication, People magazine online). Parents killing children, children killing parents and other relatives, spouses killing spouses in front of their children... Humanity in all its ugliness and depravity.

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Do media in other countries separate family murders into their own section?

I can tell that at least mainstream Russian and Czech media do not make such a distinction when indexing their news on websites and in newspapers. I guess the sections are separate in countries where such occurrences are rather rare, compared to typical kind of crime. For example, in Russia family murder would be almost exclusively drunk argument gone wrong. In Czech Republic I think it is about critical children neglect by mothers, mostly. Either way such articles appear once in half a year, and I have never seen any news source dividing family-crime and normal-crime into their own sections.

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