Man arrested for assaulting police officer in Toyama says he wanted gun to kill himself


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visited the substation around 3 p.m. pretending to have brought lost property and attacked the 30-year-old police officer, Hiroki Yamamoto, when he was preparing paperwork, local police said.

He admitted to the assault on the police officer, the police said,

well duh! Of course he admitted it. How on earth can he not admit it?

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What is going on in Toyama?

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In the same city last June, a former member of the Self-Defense Forces stabbed to death an officer in a police box, stole a handgun and shot dead a security guard from a nearby school.

Why do the news keep emphasizing the fact that he served in the SDF? He quit more than 10 years prior and only served 9 months before quitting for personal reasons. 9 months is barely enough to finish basic and job-specific training, and how to use a .38cal Nambu Police Revolver is most definitely not part of that training. Unless the news mentions 711 clerks and gas stand workers, etc as well, this reeks of intent to damage the SDF public image with misleading information.

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Why do the news keep emphasizing the fact that he served in the SDF? 

Just like with anything with any military member, they will report that until they die!

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"Local police have found a purple bicycle that might have been used by Masaki Maeda, 22, near the crime scene with a black bag in its front basket." wow the plot thickens ;o)

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Wow! Another seriously delusional whacko!

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If this dude really wanted to kill himself he could - Just jump off the roof of some building OR Jump in front of a vehicle on the highway OR Tie a heavy weight around you waist and jump into the river OR Jump onto the train tracks as a train is arriving into the station. He didn't need to hurt a police officer cause he want his gun to shoot himself and might I add he was subdued by the police officer he injured. What a loser this guy turned out to be. Now he as more problems then before. Suicide is a choice only losers choose  "Cause no matter how bad things are they can always get worse" So Man-Up or Woman-Up and face your problems head on and you'll realize your problems aren't so bad & Life is worth living.

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