Man arrested for beating wife to death because she wouldn't cook dinner for him


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Police said Tatsumi has admitted to the crime and said he had beaten his wife a few times since early May because she wouldn't prepare dinner for him.

Now I want to hear all the people who say "she should have run away", or "she should have called her friends" or some other BS.

Battered spouse syndrome has no age limits, and sadly situations like these will happen more often as society ages and the elderly has fewer reasons to stay active together somehow!

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sheesh! go get a bento from the conbini, man!

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Jesus christ, is this not the most disgusting thing I've seen all week.

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Regrettable news.

The reason that dinner wasn't being made should exist.

When feelings of consideration have disappeared, I think it's better to divorce.

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Too bad they didn't divorce long ago...

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Why didn't they just order a home delivered meal.

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It is all about a man's deranged sense of power, anger, and who knows what other events drove him down this dark path. Co-dependency took the wife's life. This was not about dinner.

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Your wife didn’t cook for you? If I come home first, I prepare dinner. If I come home and there is no dinner, I still prepare dinner. All that energy wasted beating and berating your wife, you could have simply “learned to fish and feed yourself for a lifetime.”

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Sadly many Japanese princes have no idea how to do the most basic tasks. Then react with violence when suddenly confronted with the knowledge they are not independent and have to rely on second tear humans.

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Let's see him try to beat other inmates for not obeying his demands or giving in to his desires. The biggest shame in this after the fact that a poor woman was murdered is that the man won't be able to suffer for quite long enough in prison.

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She could have call for help from some friends :/

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I bet he was also a Netouyo.

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A sad story, but we shouldn't jump to conclusions. If he'd only beaten his wife recently and had no previous history of violence, could it be due to dementia? I have some experience of two elderly sisters, one of whom, with the onset of dementia, would suddenly became extremely violent towards the other. Not pleasant, and hard to apportion blame. On the other hand, he may be simply a violent brute. But the headline seems intended more to provoke reaction than impart information.

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She should have made him dinner, with a little something extra added.

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But.. i made that comment just for ya.

Seems like ya got plenty of time pal.

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Well, now he will have all his meals prepared for him in prison. I hope he likes rice and bread.

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He'll be eating prison food from now.

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And only a week past mother's day. You took the worst option dude...

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It is imperative that Japan government address this problem of family violence; violence against women; abuse of children through


setting up safe homes;,

public awareness campaigns ( like they do @ train gropers),

integrating rights of women / children/ individuals in their education system;

making law enforcement accountable for not intervening appropriately when called ,

encouraging those who are at risk to call 119 knowing there will be an immediate response ans SAFETY .


There need to be a systematic change.

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It's that believe of male prerogative that still runs deep in J society.


@ Aly Euston: Agreed ,entirely !

Or learn to make you own dinner. If he can pour his own beer he can learn to cook.


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Seems like his prison job should be in the kitchen.

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@ Reckless: Too bad they didn't divorce long ago.


Maybe. however, clearly the guy does not know how to manage his anger.

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@ Patricia Yarrow : It is all about a man's deranged sense of power, anger . ...

Yes. Indeed.

That sense of entitlement ,

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Battered spouse syndrome has no age limits, and sadly situations like these will happen more often as society ages and the elderly has fewer reasons to stay active together somehow!

Have a read about battered spouse syndrome by googling battered spouse clemency cases. It's horrifying.

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I do all the cooking in my house. My Mrs has cooked two meals in five years. I read the headline of this article to her last night during dinner. We had a little chuckle over it.

However, murder is not something to laugh about. There are many (most) men in Japan who believe women are their slaves. My Mrs was married to a Japanese layabout for 25 years and he did not lift one finger around the house or garden. And, he would abuse her if his meals were not a satisfactory standard for him. Many Japanese men want to marry a proxy mother to wash cook and clean for them.

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As sad as this story is, cultural tradition is a big factor in this, not too long ago it was almost unthinkable that a man would do any Housework, thankfully that is drastically changing. I went through that experience with my own in-laws. My father in-law did absolutely nothing and he really couldn’t do anything, not even pick out his clothes for work and my mother in-law did everything even when she was suffering from cancer, high blood pressure, diabetes and rheumatoid arthritis cooking cleaning up and down their two story house, we would all pitch in and help when we were there, but it was still a lot for her. When she finally passed away a few years ago from all these ailments, my father in-law was at a complete loss and asked my wife to help him around the house everyday and she did for a two months, but after that, they had a huge fight and she told him she has to take care of her own responsibilities and can’t continue doing this and told him, sorry, but he needs to me up and take care of himself, he wasn’t angry, but dealt with it and now 5 years later, he can do everything, even brags about certain meal dishes he made and is always anxious for us to try them, he found his dignity, confidence, self worth and self-reliance.

I am so sad hearing stories like this one and in my own personal life seen how men have this way of thinking and sadly, it won’t be the last, but it is good seeing more men taking a bigger risk role at home, helping their wives and taking on the job of cooking themselves. I’m sure within the next 10 years most men in this country will be completely self-sufficient which is a good and important thing for any family.

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Many men in Japan, especially the older ones, are absolutely useless. Not only do they not know how to do house work, which they consider woman's work, they can't even change a tire, fix a leaky faucet, or oil a squeaky hinge. Home Centers are popular now. But, most oyaji wouldn't know a philips from a straight-blade screwdriver if their lives depended on it. My father-in-law used to call the local denki-ya to change a light bulb!

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He's going to get his wish, someone making dinner for him...and breakfast and lunch.

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So Hiroaki Tatsumi do you think she'll cook for you now ???? Stupid thing to do Dude ...

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Not all, but majority of the husbands here feel and believe that it is ONLY the wife's duty to cook, clean, and do the laundry while they "work" until the last train. Then they'll spend whatever free time they have drinking, gambling, anything but with family. They will then complain that their wives don't talk to them, their children treat them like strangers, they don't feel welcome at home, etc. However, this is not a problem of just the husband or the wife..... this a problem caused by the society that rewards long but unproductive working hours. So long that people no longer have time to spend with family, friends, or pursue a hobby...eventually, destroying whatever personal connection they have.

Sadly, this type of misfortunes will just increase as the baby boomers retire and spend more time with their now estranged wives.

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