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Man arrested for threatening Saitama kindergarten employee with knife


Police in Koshigaya, Saitama Prefecture, said Wednesday they have arrested a 53-year-old man for threatening a kindergarten employee with a knife.

According to police, the suspect, Shigenori Otake, entered the kindergarten grounds at around 11:45 a.m. on Monday, poked his head through an open window and threatened a 23-year-old woman employee with a kitchen knife, complaining that the noise made by the children playing musical instruments was too loud every day, Fuji TV reported. He then returned to his home nearby.

Another kindergarten worker called police who arrested Otake at his home. Police quoted him as saying he never threatened anyone, but used the knife because he just wanted to complain about the noise.

There were about 330 children and staff at the kindergarten at the time, but nobody was hurt.

Police said Otake, who lives with his wife, has complained to the kindergarten over the past two years about noise made by the children and their music-playing activities. He said he had written letters of complaint to the kindergarten three times.

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Way too many lunatics like this lying around. His history suggests he needs to be watched on a daily basis.

but first, have the coward locked up for a good long time

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"Police quoted him as saying he never threatened anyone, but used the knife because he just wanted to complain about the noise."

He should have just used the "I was drunk and don't remember" excuse. That always works better. I think even the police will have to see his excuse as just that. I hope he's locked up -- and in a noisy prison cell. Maybe then he'll take a moment to reflect on his actions. Hope he loses any job he has (doesn't sound like he was gainfully employed if he's at home and can hear kids at school), too, if he has one, and if not any money he gets from government is cut off.

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Agree with cracaphat, if my man here got a job he would not have to sit at home and work himself into a murderous rage over children being children.

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Basically he doesn't like children. And he may have heard the noise made by the children and their music-playing activities much louder than in reality.

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The police, parents and school should be very careful with this one. Let's assume he is let off with a warning, which will probably be the case after he makes some half-hearted apology about getting carried away. However, if he feels that his actions were justified (and he seems to), what's to stop him going back to the kindergarten and actually attacking kids and teachers with his knife? Major alarm bells should be ringing.

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Major alarm bells should be ringing.

They are, but nobody can hear them because those darn kids are playing their musical instruments too loud!

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many of these old timers cant seem to understand that its these same kids future taxes that will pay their pensions, if they make people think having children to much of an annoyance or hindrance then they and Japan are doomed. theyve had their childhoods , now let today's kids enjoy theirs. Guess what kids laughing, playing and making noise is what mentally healthy kids do. ...ungratefully idiots

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I'd be watching this fellow. I get a bad feeling when people start waving knifes around. Im 57 and have never liked kidds but one things for sure is I'd never ever walk into kindergarten and pull a stunt like this. This man is dangerous and should be treated as such.

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Children have a right to be children! They have a right to live happily, play happily and be happy!

If Mr. Otake has a problem with that, he had two mature choices to make:

Learn to live with the laughter of the kids or he and Mrs. Otake could pack up and move house!

He made a poor decision brandishing a knife in the preschool!

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Here are a couple hints he should've taken into consideration before he threatened.....er.....angrily complained to the staff while holding a knife:

Sound proof windows

Find a new place to live (They can't move the school for you, so you should've moved)
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