Man arrested for trying to extort money from smartphone user who ‘bumped’ into him


Police in Tokyo have arrested an unemployed 39-year-old man on suspicion of extortion after he threatened to beat up a smartphone user unless he paid money for “bumping” into him.

According to police, the incident occurred on Friday night in Sumida Park in Taito Ward. Police said that a 34-year-old company employee was walking along, looking at his smartphone, when the suspect, Makoto Takahashi, bumped into him, Sankei Shimbun reported.

Takahashi yelled at the man for not watching where he was going and for not apologizing. He then threatened to beat him up unless he was paid money.

The man ran to a nearby police box and reported what happened.  Takahashi fled but was picked up by a police patrol a short time later.

He was quoted by police as saying he needed money to make ends meet because he had no regular job.

Police said that since February this year, there have been four similar cases reported in the same area, in which a man extorted money after bumping into people engrossed in their smartphones while walking. The victims paid a total of 235,000 yen.

Police are questioning Takahashi about his involvement in those cases.

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Cellphone zombies are certainly annoying as heck, but you can't resort to threats and intimidation. But, I think that the fool arrested in this case was looking for quick money more than anything else!

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This scam reminds me of one I was warned about many years ago when I went to New York, that guys with 'booze' (aka water) in a paper bag would 'bump into' tourists, drop the bag, which would break their booze, and they they would demand it be replaced. But "paid a total of 235,000 yen"... not only are smombies annoying (and deserve a good shake up) they are pretty dumb, too.

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The victims paid a total of 235,000 yen.

Damn, there are some seriously gullible folks out there.

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Where I come from, he'd have gotten 235,000 punches to the face and body.

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The good thing about the villain was that he included consumption tax in the 235,000 yen calculation, which is why it is such a strange number!

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Hahaha! I wish he tried with me! If my apology isn't enough, then that's your problem. Try getting money from me.

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