Man gets 9-years for holding girl captive for 2 years


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Nine years for kidnap and imprisonment and god knows what else. A disgustingly light sentence.

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I'd say lock him up 20 years for each year she lost.

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I'd say lock him up 20 years for each year she lost.

Feel free to pay for his room and board as well! It's bad enough that he is getting 9 years, when he SHOULD be put into a facility that can treat him, and then the insurance co-op can cover the costs!

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9 years? Did they examine for any kind of sexual crimes? With a minor that is statutory rape plus kidnapping should be at least 25-30 years. Even with no molestation kidnapping and confinement of a minor for 2 years should get him 15-20 minumum

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Why didn’t the police find her years ago with survaliance cameras and forensics?

he should not be in society. I have autistic friends, none would even kidnap a butterfly.

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At least he didn't lock her in the basement and impregnate her

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9 years is about 100 years short of what the sentence should be. He'll be 34 when he gets out of prison and, no doubt, he'll be looking for another victim.

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Where do the find these judges? At medieval reenactment bbqs

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In a hearing last July, the mother said she wanted Terauchi "to stay in jail for a lifetime.

Considering that a mother lost her 15 year old daughter to a kidnapping for 2 years, shouldnt the judge be taking the parents wish into consideration?

around 440 people queued up in front of the court to get a ticket for 20 seats provided to observe the high-profile case

These limited public seat numbers are a little irrelevant as news media organisations generate these large queues to try and get journalists into court.

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Well we all know what he'll do next time after he gets out at 34...hardly a lesson learnt.

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Seriously??? 15 years for each year at least!

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My sincere sympathy to the girl and her family. I cannot imagine how horrible this must have been for her and for them.

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A short sentence for kidnapping and unlawful imprisonment seems to indicate to the general public the crime is not taken very seriously. The PC mentality is indeed infectious.

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That judge must be too used to deal with people who spend time in prison, 9 years fur such a horrible crime is not enough! He destroyed the life of that girl and of her family and friends forever. He should be in jail for life.

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Poor, poor girl. She had 2 years of her life robbed from her when she should've been in high school doing the things girls do and preparing for her future.

9 years? Even if he didn't abuse her sexually, he did abuse her mentally by holding her against her will for so long, especially at such a critical time in her young life.

Since Kabu Terauchi reportedly suffers from severe schizophrenia, he should be placed in a mental hospital for the rest of his life to prevent him from doing this ever again.

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