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Man held for abusing 3-month-old daughter because she wouldn’t stop crying


Police in Marugame, Kagawa Prefecture, have arrested a 32-year-old official of the Self-Defense Forces on suspicion of abusing his three-month-old daughter at their home.

Police said Kenta Kijima has admitted to the charge and quoted him as saying he abused his daughter because she wouldn’t stop crying, Sankei Shimbun reported.

According to police, Kijima, who was arrested on Wednesday, abused his daughter on several occasions between late February and March 26, by grabbing both her arms tightly and shaking her violently. She suffered broken ribs this week, police said.

Kijima lives with his wife and a two-year-old son as well as his daughter. His wife noticed something wrong with their daughter on March 26 and called 119. The child was taken to hospital on Wednesday. The hospital contacted a child welfare center about a case of possible child abuse.

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Yeah. Im sure shaking a baby is a great way to make it stop crying...

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A perfect example of how not to calm a child. They need to start putting these pathetic thugs into public places. I wonder how many beatings it would take him to stop crying.

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Well, with Japan's new "Zero tolerance" of physical abuse of children legislation, with no punishment for offenders, why bother arresting the guy? They can't punish him for it. They just have to let him go so he can go do it again.

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Seriously? Abusing a 3 month old because it was crying? The baby was three months, it needed one of three things. It wanted to either be fed, changed, or put to sleep. Taking care of a 3 month old isn't rocket science and isn't difficult. Feed them, change them, swaddle them, and talk to them. That is all it ever took to take care of my daughters at that age.

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He's more of a child than the child he abused. If he does go to prison, you can bet he's gonna cry...

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She suffered broken ribs this week, police said.

I can't stand it. "Dad" had better be locked up for a good long while.

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Such abuse of crying infants by frustrated fathers is unfortunately not uncommon.

While the article doesn't say so, my guess is that mum was away for some reason and he was alone with the baby. There's not much a dad can do to calm a crying baby especially if the baby is sick or won't take a bottle. At three months often they just want thier mother and will cry 'till she comes home. Such a situation can be very trying for especially inexperienced young dads.

If true in this case, it's still absolutely no excuse whatsoever for what he did.

Avoiding or keeping short the times of leaving dad alone at home to care for newborns as well as educating young parents about these things would help reduce the rate of this type of abuse.

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Could quite easily killed her. Get some anger/stress management skills and a spell in a cell.

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Wait. Three month old baby or three-year-old baby? Not that it matters much…

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This guy is an SDF official. That means he has to handle some rough and sometimes violent situations. Yet he can't be gentle towards his daughter? He has to be rough on her? So sad.

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What parenting book had ever read :

"Chapter 1.

When the baby cries, grab them by their arms and shake them violently!"?

where do they get this information?

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