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Man questioned over 70 counts of theft, car vandalism


Police in Tokyo have arrested an unemployed 52-year-old man on suspicion of 70 counts of car vandalism and theft carried out in the capital and Kanagawa Prefecture.

The suspect, identified as Yoshiharu Hirabayashi, an unemployed resident of Tokyo’s Ota Ward, was initially apprehended on theft charges in June, Fuji TV reported. Police said Hirabayashi pried open the window of a passenger vehicle parked outside an Ota Ward apartment and stole four dry cell batteries.

According to police reports, Hirabayashi targeted cars that were not equipped with security devices and vandalized more than 40 cars. He is also suspected of having stolen about 230,000 yen in cash, a car navigation device and a wristwatch from some of the vehicles.

Police said Hirabayashi has admitted to the allegations and quoted him as saying, “I was having a difficult time making ends meet.”

Police said there have been at least 70 cases of parked cars being broken into or vandalized in Ota Ward and Kanagawa Prefecture this year and are questioning Hirabayashi further about his involvement in those incidents.

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questioned? i think he will regret his crimes and confess to anything. police can take fame for solving 70 crimes.

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How much exp did he earn for all this??

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Quite a record both for police & the old man

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If he's really guilty of all 70 then that's not just a hobby, that's a job.

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