Man with stab wounds dies after being left outside hospital


Police in Miyazu, Kyoto Prefecture, have arrested a 59-year-old man on suspicion of murder after he left a 50-year-old man, bleeding from stab wounds, outside a hospital on Thursday morning and then drove away.

The man, identified as Masataka Hiragi, died a short time later at another hospital, Sankei Shimbun reported. The suspect, Yasuaki Kinoshita, was arrested about 90 minutes later in nearby Tango city after street surveillance camera footage identified his car. A blood-stained knife was found in his car.

Police said Kinoshita dropped off the victim at around 10:50 a.m. A hospital employee called 110 to report the incident. Hiragi received emergency treatment for several stab wounds to his chest at the hospital before being transferred to another hospital where he died.

Police said Kinoshita, whose address and occupation are unknown, has admitted to the charge. Police said Hiragi managed a nearby pharmacy and that he and Kinoshita knew each other.

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If you’re stabbed, don’t pull the knife out.

If you’re stabbed multiple times, get to the hospital…

… Both time, and blood, are running out quickly.

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Oh, the nightly speculations but still “Innocent until proven guilty”.

A Good Samaritan drives his friend to the hospital and is wrongfully accused of murder? …

“Kinoshita, occupation unknown, has admitted to the charge. Hiragi managed a nearby pharmacy. He and Kinoshita knew each other.”

… Or, a ‘drug deal’ gone bad?

-5 ( +2 / -7 )

Probably trying to avoid the "abandoning a body" charge.

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I got 100yen that says drinking was involved.

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Right, the hospital he dropped him off at just performed a minimum of care and shipped him off to another facility.

He was dropped off at 1050 in the AM, and just how long did it take for them to care for him, stabilize him, and then how long was the ride to the next hospital?

Be REALLY nice to know what type of hospital he was dropped off at first. Again, lots of missing, but truly pertinent information!

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I bet you this is trending not the first nor second article about a man killed and left body in front of hospitals

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"received emergency treatment for several stab wounds at first hospital before being transferred to another hospital where he died"

many might argue a non j might have worse circumstances (i.e no referral )for a violent, or crime related injury, think over that.

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Why was this man transferred to another hospital when he has knife wounds on his CHEST?!! Surely, even a small non-city hospital would have the resources to adequately treat a victim of a knife stabbing.

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most of you know that hospitals here have to accept you first. More than 15 year’s ago, my mother in law fell and cracked her head open. The ambulance came and put her in the ambulance. It was another hour before they departed to a hospital. Reason? They were calling around to find a hospital to admit her. Eventually the one hospital that admitted her, stapled her wound shut. Another occasion when I cut my hand, and I walked myself to a local doctor( where I usually went for a cold) told me that they couldn’t give stitches. I was quite shocked at that one piece of info. The told me 風邪 をひいてだけ. Now, with COVID, hospitals are even more hesitant just to assist anyone. We all heard about the mother who tested positive couldn’t deliver her baby in a hospital and unfortunately the baby passed. On the other hand you be , most likely, accepted in the US but aftwards you’d probably be in debt for the next 10 years.

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slight typo and exaggeration-

On the other hand if you have an emergency situation in the U.S. they will attend to you, but you get a bill that may cause you to suffer a heart attack

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If you’re stabbed, don’t pull the knife out.

I get the feeling that is easier said than done.

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