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Mother arrested for beating 5-month-old son


Police in Ashikaga, Tochigi Prefecture, have arrested a 26-year-old unemployed woman on suspicion of beating her five-month-old son.

According to police, Yuki Yamamoto, who was arrested on Tuesday, is accused of beating her son, Sota, about the head frequently in March, Kyodo News reported. The baby suffered a subdural hemorrhage from the blows.

Yamamoto took Sota to hospital in April. Doctors notified the Tochigi Prefecture Minami Children’s Welfare Center about a case of possible child abuse. The center contacted police.

Sota is currently hospitalized. Doctors said he is recovering and that his life is not in danger.

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beat”?? More like “punched”! That’s a boxing injury! What person in their right mind would punch any child?

Like any parent here, the wife would like to volunteer to help this “mom” up and down the courthouse steps for any upcoming hearings and “parenting classes” before she ever sees this child again.

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throw the book at her. hell the whole library!

Sota is currently hospitalized. Doctors said he is recovering and that his life is not in danger.

that's a bit of good news.

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Poor innocent boy. You’re right about that punch being potentially fatal for even full-grown adult boxers:

- “Acute subdural hematoma which the most common acute brain injury in boxing, accounts for 75% of all acute brain injuries and is the leading cause of boxing fatalities.” -

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Reads Sota will recover but no mention here if there’s family to care for him since his “birth mother” is obviously NOT fit.  

Hopefully, he’ll get a more deserving and loving family.

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Thankfully the boy is ok.....

The mother is an animal, lock her up!!!

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Wow, get her off the drugs. What is that about?

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