Mother, son arrested for burying his wife's body in garden


A 36-year-old man and his 63-year-old mother have been arrested on suspicion of abandoning the body of the man’s missing wife at the mother's home in Toride City, Ibaraki Prefecture.

According to police, Takahito Yatani, a bank employee, was arrested after the body of his missing wife Maiko, 30, was found buried in the garden at his mother’s home, Fuji TV reported. Police said Yatani’s 63-year-old mother Emi has admitted to being an accomplice and quoted her as saying, “My son asked me for help.”

Police said Yatani has admitted to strangling his wife on March 4 at their home in Kashiwa, Chiba Prefecture. He then took her body to his mother's house where he and his mother buried the corpse in the garden.

Yatani reported his wife missing on March 6, claiming she got out of their car after an argument and never returned home. However, street surveillance camera footage did not corroborate this statement.

After his arrest on Tuesday, Yatani was quoted by police as saying: “Our marriage was not going well and my resentment was building up and I strangled her to death.” He also said where he had taken his wife’s body, which police found on Wednesday.

At a news conference on Thursday, the victim’s father said: “I’m full of deep regret. I wish Yatani had been more patient toward my daughter.”

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Yeah, the police would never check there. Darwin Award contender.

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"I wish Yatani had been more patient toward my daughter.”

What the hell kind of thing to say is that? Almost admitting that she was a handful.

2 ( +5 / -3 )

Yea he should said"i wished i could get hands on the bastard who killed my daughter and strangle him to death!"

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I dont mean to be callous, but all the quotes in the article make it read like some black comedy.

0 ( +2 / -2 )

Wow not the right way

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Nothing like a mother's love is there

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This is only one more news of a killed person and the murder and but not really how I feel, we don't know what was the motive or any reasons to this incident became an insane case. Police investigation should be disclosed when crimes like this occurred and must to be publicly stated, to avoid someone else do kind of identical incident... That's really unclear the police investigation not to be publicly informed, things in western countries are normally informed, as well as I know.

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Today’s family murder report has a few twists and turns. This guy needs to do a 15-20 year stint in jail for the violent murder of his wife and for attempting to conceal her death. His mother needs to see a psycho therapist.

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"I wish Yatani had been more patient toward my daughter.”

Well, maybe there are two sides to this story!

I mean, why would she say such a thing?

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However, street surveillance camera footage did not corroborate this statement.

So the Japanese police are implying that if its not on street surveillance cameras, it didn't happen?

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Uhhhh, Mom? I gotta ask a a shovel?

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