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Nightclub worker found dead at home; 3 arrested


Two employees and the owner of a nightclub in Tokyo’s Adachi Ward have been arrested on suspicion of killing a 20-year-old club employee who died on Saturday night.

According to police, the victim, Rei Shigeyama, was found by a 17-year-old co-worker in his apartment in Katsushika Ward at around 10 p.m. on Saturday, Sankei Shimbun reported. He called 119. Police said Shigeyama was already dead when they arrived and that there were bruises on his face.

Police said the victim’s colleague told them that earlier Saturday morning, he had been assaulted after getting into an argument with two other staff about being absent from work without permission on March 15. The colleague took Shigeyama home. When he returned to the apartment Saturday night, he noticed Shigeyama’s condition had deteriorated.

On Sunday, police questioned the other employees to find out more about the trouble that led to the fight. Late Sunday, three employees, including the 24-year-old club owner and the 17-year-old worker, were arrested.

Editor's note: The story has been updated to show three club employees have been arrested.

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The colleagues story stinks to high heaven!

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Twice since I've lived here in hachioji, I have seen hosto who were the victims of coworker violence. One poor soul was being beaten and having his clothes ripped off by two co-workers as they walked down the street. He was not resisting at all. Most recently, a fellow was stumbling down the street bleeding from the face and at times literally crawling and gasping I asked someone to call the police and ambulance but when they arrived,he refused any assistance. You could actually follow the blood trail back to the club he exited from. So I believe the co-worker story 100% having seen it first-hand

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Why the violence? There's a lot of money involved and a lot of competition for customers. Oh and I forgot to mention many of these places if not all of them are run by Yakuza.

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About the first fellow in my first post, we asked a staff member of the local 7-Eleven to call the police and she strongly advised against it citing the danger to us.

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I suppose not everyone would instinctively take someone to the hospital in cases like these, but any time head injuries are involved, it's imperative to get them to the doctor quick. I'm pretty certain this young bloke died of brain swelling which killed him. Trauma to the head is no joke.

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In decades past..... the Old that could no longer contribute to society, that had become a burden, just left their village to die in silence in the wild..... and it was considered a noble passage. Japan's outward cruelty is a reflection of its culture..... a culture that compromises heartfelt sympathy and compassion for the good of structure and survival. These cold and cruel actions are survival tactics which are woven into the fabric of Japanese culture. This why many Japanese refuse to help.... it is not just out of fear, it is also because they know, when you step out of line, especially in certain lines of work, there are severe consequences and messing with the "natural order" of things is not smart.

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"When he returned to the apartment Saturday night, he noticed his friend’s condition had deteriorated".

Well yes, seeing as he is dead.

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A 17 year old working in a nightclub? That has to be illegal, doesn't it?

This is an extreme case of workplace bullying and power harassment. Taking time off work without permission is no reason to beat someone to death. It would be very shocking if this was an isolated incident, but workplace bullying and power harassment are SOP in most Japanese businesses.

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I've found most of the staff at nightclubs here to be some of the most obnoxious chinpara wannabe-gangsters in the country and I'm sure a large majority of them are "connected", considering I've seen them do things to the patrons in clubs which could easily get them arrested for assault. Probably thought that their kouhai disrespected them or some nonsense and decided to teach him a lesson. Punish them hard and make an example!

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sensei258Today  07:04 am JST

Twice since I've lived here in hachioji, I have seen hosto who were the victims of coworker violence. One poor soul was being beaten and having his clothes ripped off by two co-workers as they walked down the street. He was not resisting at all.

A common theme of the rare acts of violence you see in japan. The underling just takes the beating. The guys doing the punching aren’t even that tough, but they know there’ll be no resistance. In fact they choose their targets because of this inability, unwillingness or complete lack of personal pride that is necessary to defend themselves from tyranny. The dirty side of the tate shakai, one that won’t be going away too quickly.

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"nightclub"...in Adachi? Sounds like it was more like a Cabaret Club or the like.

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The colleagues story stinks to high heaven!

Which is why he was arrested.

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Well, despite everything, they live a good life. A lot of the hosto make over 10M yen per year in reported income as well as being the dream boyfriends for the majority of Japanese women.

If I was better looking I’d become a host.

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I went in the place in Kabukicho, two decades ago. The same place in operation now, and inquired about working there...."No Gai'Ji' " !

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I think somebody is going to Prison ... For a long time.

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