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No. of death row inmates in Japan stands at 123


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Good on ya Japan stay the course - the punishment must fit the crime

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Death penalty is only problematic in countries where people in power misuse the system to dispel his or her opponents. No problem in Japan. Abolishment of death penalty only pleases arch-villains.

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I agree with Andrew Crisp.

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If Japan is to keep the death penalty, then it must review the judicial system and start recording interrogations. There has been more than one case where a person was found not guilty after having spent years on death row due to forced/coerced confessions. The death penalty in Japan is also problematic considering the brutality of hanging, and the lack of forewarning prisoners when their time comes is absolutely horrifying. This makes Japan's death penalty an unacceptable breach of human rights.

One reason the polls are in favor of the death penalty is the total lack of discussion of the issue, which means that most Japanese haven't been exposed to the counter-arguments and therefore are quite ignorant of the reasons against the death penalty. There needs to be more public debate of the issue and education of the general populace so that they can form a better informed opinion.

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Like girl_in_tokyo says, there's is virtually no dialogue amongst the Japanese on the issue. By far the most common pro-death penalty excuse I hear from Japanese people is that it "deters crime"---usually followed by "and crime is on the rise"---statements which are both empirically false. It's trivially easy in the internet age to verify both statements, but because there is no dialogue on the subject, it would never cross most people's minds to.

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I think many escaped or are escaping death penalties in Japan. Released are those whose crimes were committed 30 years or 40 years ago. It is not that they are utterly clean but they are grey but it has become difficult to reinvestigate the cases due to lapses of time. So, in Japan, if you continue to claim you are innocent for 20 years and 30 years, you will be released. They are not first offenders but repeaters of the crimes.

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They are not first offenders but repeaters of the crimes.

Interesting. What is your source for this?

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Why other countries should judge Japan with very low crime rate ?

If not effective, at least one must admit repeaters repeat less. I have not been able to decide myself.

Knowing Japan, you could simply say there are real debate on very few topics then. Blaming a whole country is not helping on that matter.

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I have no problem with capital punishment.

But I am in total agreent with girl_in_Tokyo regarding recordind interrogations.

There have errors in the past, and only one error is unacceptable.

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The death penalty needs to be abolished in Japan. :)

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We only have to look at America to see that the death penalty is wrong and ineffective. America executes a lot of people but still has a high rate of homicide. So its effectiveness as a deterrent is questionable to say the least. It is also common knowledge many innocent people are executed, as the justice system is not perfect and never will be. Not there, not here, not anywhere.

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