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Nurse suspected of poisoning 20 elderly patients at terminal care hospital

By Mari Yamaguchi

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I'm sure all the misandrists will be making excuses for her. 

snorts with derisions Way to make it about you and your own prejudices.

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@Jonathan Prin - Evidence seems weak and confession forced

Really? Weak? The same disinfectant was found in her clothing and all the patients were poisoned during her shift and under her direct care. Oh, and she confessed to poisoning at least 20 patients. Except that, of course. A forced confession would be admitting to one or two, not 20.

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46 other patients had died on the same floor from July 1 until late September that year.

A failure on the part of the hospital not to realise something was wrong - how does this number compare to deaths at other periods through the year?

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Japan might have a low murder rate compared to other countries, but they don’t lack mass-murderers. Killing 20+ of her patients is like something from a horror movie. And, this psycho is only 31 years old. There has been quite a few cases of carers killing multiple patients in Japan in recent years. This will make international news and go in the ‘shame file’ for Japan, the safety country.

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A hospital's apology for an employee murdering two individuals in their care seems rather inadequate. Much like the famous - we regret any inconvenience.

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Kuboki was arrested on Saturday on suspicion of killing two men in 2016 by injecting disinfectant into their intravenous drips...

... she poisoned about 20 patients to have them die when she was off-duty and could avoid the trouble of explaining the deaths to their families.

There are some SERIOUS mental health problems in Japan! This being one example of so many killings of people by their carers/guardians.

The notion of a 'safe Japan' is simply a regurgitated propaganda sound-bite.

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It's a very pre-meditated action on her behalf to, planning the poisionings so the deaths would occur outside of her shifts.

That alone should make her stand trial for 20 cases of murder opposed to man slaughter. And hopefully each as a seperate case, opposed to a mass murder case. Basically, she should get enogh jail time to never see the outside of a jail cell.. Need to push a strong message, as this isn't a unique story and there have been similar cases of murder by care takers.

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It was like in the movie, The Nurse on duty. This woman a murderer she's probably a mentally ill.

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@Do The Hustle - This will make international news and go in the ‘shame file’ for Japan, the safety country.

Yep! Leading headline on Yahoo7 Australia. Another mass-murder in Japan.

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Evidence seems weak and confession forced, just my opinion.

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I'm sure all the misandrists will be making excuses for her. Hang this cruel, disgusting animal!

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