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Parents of dead woman admit confining her for 15 years


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So are they the ones with mental illness, or are they just pure evil?

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in a state of extreme malnutrition, weighing only 19 kilograms

held her in a room of around 3 square meters

unheated room

only fed their daughter once a day

At what point can they be charged with murder ?

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Holy Bejesus, What a horror story. Where do these people come from? RIP young lady as you had none in this life. Throw the book at them. Lock em up.

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I pray this woman rests in peace.

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Repugnant. Perhaps if things that are perceived as negative or embarrassing weren't swept under the rug here so as not to be the nail that sticks up, this young women wouldn't have been treated like an animal and may still be alive.

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19 kilograms? You DID NOT feed her once a day. I carry grocery bags home that weigh more than that

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Kniknaknokkaer - Jeez. Anyone seen the film Bad Boy Bubby?

"You always did have great t!ts Thell!" Yeah, I've seen it. It gave me nightmares.

This is another disfunctional family living in suburban Japan. Obviously, this girl should have been in a care facility, but there are very few in Japan and the ones they do have are overflowing with the mentally disabled. Care facilities for the mentally and physically handicapped are few and far between in Japan. There is a facility for the mentally disabled near my home and I very often see them on the train. This facility is not a full time care facility. It is more or less just a day care center and patients come from far and wide. I see the patients going back and forth with their parents. However, with the mental condition of many I've seen, they should not be going home. The faces of the parents tell the whole story. It's very easy to see they consider their handicapped children a burden and nothing else. No doubt this family had the same feelings towards their daughter.

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they confined her to a tiny room for around 15 years due to a mental illness...

And who diagnosed this mental illness? the parents who locked her away for 15 years like a dog. Hardly think they have the medical experience to judge and decide treatment?

How do we know she wasn't just normal teenager going thru a han-koki phase at the time and the parents couldn't understand a teenagers behavior?

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Where is the love?

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What animals..

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This is really sad, To confine and starve a young girl for 15 years in a small room probably with no radio / tv / telephone / internet / outside contacts .... I wonder who truly had the mental illness the girl or the parents ?? The parents who else .... No punishment can make up for the 15 years & death of this confined girl .... In my opinion this warrants the death penalty for both parents .... but where were the rest of this girls family ?? grandparents, uncles, aunts, cousins, brothers, sisters they are all to blame for Airi's death .... How can any parent do such a horrible thing to a child they created ????

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They hated her and made her suffer.

This is like a horror film. 18kgs is half a tiny person. They tortured her!

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Is too sad to have the hell in home

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Those people don't deserve to be called Parents". "VILE MONSTERS" is a better "fitting term for them.

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