Part of newborn baby's body found in drugstore toilet


The upper half body of a newborn infant was found Saturday in the toilet of a drugstore in Fujimino, Saitama Prefecture, police said Sunday.

According to police, the remains were found in the toilet located at the exterior of the store at around 8:30 p.m. Saturday by a maintenance man after a woman customer had reported at around 1 p.m. that the toilet wasn’t working and seemed to be blocked, Fuji TV reported.

Police said the infant’s umbilical cord was still attached and believe the mother gave birth in the toilet.

Police said they examining store surveillance camera footage to try and determine who the mother was.

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Wow! How gross and disgusting! What’s the bet the other half of the body was already flushed, which caused the blockage? This woman gave birth in a toilet and then cut the baby in half? Oh, my freaking dog! That’s just macabre!

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This whole story is too graphic!

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It's surprising what some women will do who are too ashamed or just don't want to be a mother. A long time ago, a fellow univ. student in a sister dorm threw her newborn baby down the trash chute from whatever floor she lived on. If I'm not mistaken, a murder investigation followed the incident.

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The sad part is, no doubt some family in a country like the US, Canada, etc. would be happy to adopt the baby.

Instead, you get these kinds of violent acts from former humans.

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This incident evokes two emotions in me.

1: Great sympathy for every single young mother to be who is facing the daunting prospect of raising a newborn in the absence of a father, feeling alone and desperate. (I'm assuming this is the case with this incident)

2: Serious anger that a mother can do this horribly evil thing to her child and a desire to see her seriously punished as a result.

How sad. poor little one. May God care for you.

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This gives me goosebumps all over.

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The abortion pill should be made legal in Japan,

and adoption options more available.

This story is abhorrent.

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blue in greenToday  12:44 pm JST

“The abortion pill should be made legal in Japan,”

If by abortion pill you mean morning after/emergency contraceptive pill, they already are legal and available in Japan.

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Reading this made me gag, what is wrong with people. Sometimes i dispair with the human race i really do.

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The article is vague. So the baby was born and then cut in half in the toilet?? Wow, that is another level.

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This matter is of deep social concern as to the moral, ethical standards of the Japanese society today and what is or may be affecting and influencing such actions.

Hard it is to be born as any living being, especially human. It took thousands of generations of each of the two different people (male and female) with millions in one chance for conception, and hundreds of hours of development within the womb which had to be nurtured with care before birth. That is what makes any "life" so amazing and valuable. And that individual born did not "ask" or "participate" in the process of conception and to be born. It was at the whim and pleasure of the couple.

How selfish... How irresponsible... How sad...

May the newborn rest in peace...

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If the father knew she was pregnant, he's just as much to blame. Too many men walk (run) away from responsibility. Just leave it to the women to get on with things. Unacceptable

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This is just so sad. I don't know what Japan's support services are like, but I know there could've been a better solution than cutting the baby in half! How damaged does someone have to become to do something so dark?

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