Police officer arrested for drug possession; claims he didn’t know it was drugs

By SoraNews24

Fukuoka Prefectural Police on Saturday arrested one of their own on suspicion of possession of marijuana. 

The charges stemmed from a small bag, which was found unattended on a JR Kagoshima train. It was turned in to Kurume station staff who found a “cannabis looking substance” inside. So they contacted the Kurume police department which held onto the bag.

That same evening police officer Akiyoshi Sato, 42, called the station in search of the bag and — after hearing that they had it and were eagerly awaiting him to claim it — went over to pick it up. What happened afterward was not reported, but it must have been awkward.

Sato currently stands accused of possession of about 4.4 grams f marijuana which is valued at 26,000 yen, meaning that either it was some luxury stuff or Japan really is a sellers’ market when it comes to weed.

However, Sato is partially denying the charges saying that he “did not know it was marijuana.” 

It should also be noted that prior to his arrest, Sato was working in the evidence department, handling various pieces of evidence which would likely include the occasional bag of confiscated drugs.

Why Sato was not asked what he thought the small plastic bag of green leaves was that he was carrying around is a shame because it certainly would have been a priceless answer. But on the other hand it does explain why he so brazenly walked into a police station to accept his contraband.

Source: Livedoor News

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JT please follow up on this story. As for 22k for a little over an eighth, some people have more money than sense.

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But on the other hand it does explain why he so brazenly walked into a police station to accept his contraband.

Plenty of conjecture and assumptions in the article, so let's go one step more and say that maybe he figured no one else knew what it was either.

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"Why Sato was not asked what he thought the small plastic bag of green leaves was that he was carrying around is a shame "

How does the author know that question was not asked of Sato?

2 ( +3 / -1 )

Sato is partially denying the charges saying that he “did not know it was marijuana.”

He is also doing what people who are arrested should never do, talk. Talking will almost never ever help you.

Now, the police know he knew there was a smelly leafy substance that looked suspiciously like MJ in the bag. What is his defense now? I thought it was some smelly tea? However, I thought I should hang onto it just in case. . . . of what? If he knew it was there, how did it get there?

Time to check the evidence rooms and see what else is missing. Oh, and a drug test is sure to be next.

3 ( +3 / -0 )

"Honestly, guys! I thought it was just REALLY good, dried oregano! Come on, guys, it's me, Sato! We all love to hang out and get highhhhh--on life, right? Ummm... can I have my bag, guys? Weed... errr... oregano's not cheap. hehe. Wife loves to cook!"

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Yet another candidate for the Darwin Awards.

1 ( +1 / -0 )

Yeah, ¥6,000 per gram sounds about right for Roppongi prices.

This whole article reads like something from a comedy comic. He went to the trouble of chasing up his stash that was lost on the train and then turns around and denies he knew it was hooter? Classic! I'm gonna guess he follows it up with stating it was a bag of his grandma's favorite tea, which might also be true.

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this guy got burned. Didn't know what it was?! I'm using that excuse from now.

2 ( +2 / -0 )

Steven Fennel, if he gets off, it's going to one of the most used excuses for sure!

1 ( +1 / -0 )

Honest Boss its Herbal tea and Granny puts it into scones to eat its Great for depression .

Try it their were some in the other bag what happened to them.

Silly Fool Who does he think he is I bet he Nicked it and for his own use.

0 ( +1 / -1 )

It would be interesting to know what he thinks those are.

1 ( +1 / -0 )

Such a waste.

1 ( +1 / -0 )

If he worked in the evidence room, I'd suggest taking a look see around his home, to see what else he has that he has no idea of what it is.

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Officer Sato, when you get out, come on over here to a civilized place where you can walk into a store and get what will probably be better stuff at about a sixth the cost. And, you'll have great choice as to strength, CBD percentage, form, with purity tested and guaranteed by law. As there are 'noodle' tours in Japan, some enterprising travel agent in Japan might organize "Mota" (Mexican vernacular) tours of the U.S. And, in Oregon, such tours might be combined with winery tours as we have many wineries with excellent, world recognised, vintages. "A glass of wine, a puff of 'stuff', and Thou..." while sitting on a wild beach of the Pacific Ocean or looking out over beautiful country from the side of a volcano you've just hiked up, or dinner at an excellent restaurant in the city, we've got it all. Come to Oregon not just for the pleasure but for the FREEDOM!

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The police usually exaggerate the value of any drugs they confiscate, to make themselves look good.

So far as officer Sato, I am inclined to believe him. Otherwise, why would he identify himself as the owner of a bag that he knew had weed in it?

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