Pub owner arrested for allegedly injuring patron with 'flamethrower' hairspray


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This is one bar I won't be visiting ever!

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Sure, let's burn his tummy!

Camera ready?

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"I did it to wake up a sleeping patron and get him to leave the bar. I played a trick on him because it would not be fun to wake him up in a normal way," the suspect Kazuaki Yamazaki was quoted by the police as telling investigators

Ha! Ha! Good one!


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Because waking him up the humane way is "not fun"? That's the stupidest reason.

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Just before the incident, Yamazaki had told the three that he was about to do "something fun," urging them to film the scene, according to the police.

It seems there is no limit to the stupid things one will do to have views on YOUTUBE.

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He did it to wake him up? What about shaking his shoulder and saying 'Wake up'.

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I have people fall asleep too often and i understand its very annoying but still i aint gonna take any leafs out of this guys book.

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Lucky the can did not explode. Idiot.

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i don't know, i kinda thought it was funny. kinda like the shaving cream practical joke, except with fire, and burns and a lawsuit.

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Since I started getting back into 2chan I know exactly what stories to expect on my daily perusal of JT. Dumb thing to do but I admit I did have a chuckle..Glad I'm incapable of falling asleep in public places.

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"Humane" and "fun" do not go well together in the modern society, "sir_bentley28"

You have to be a genius or at least a smart person to make a decent joke. Otherwise, see the article.

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I used to manage a sports bar pub in Shinjuku and getting sleeping patrons out is always annoying. I just used to kick them out at the first sign of becoming a first train squatter. I never used a hair spray flame thrower on them though.

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Kobe Bar Owner

Of course people pass out, you are feeding them alcohol.

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Full support on this bar owner for doing what he needed to do to get a deadbeat out of his establishment. If only McDonald's managers had the same set of b_lls, so they could expunge the people (i.e. students) who feels it's their right to buy a french fry or cheeseburger and then spend the next 3 hours sitting at the table taking up space that other revolving customers could be using.

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It gets pretty wild in Susukino. I've seen stuff there that I've never witnessed in Tokyo or Osaka. Probably the guy learned his lesson. Probably.

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