Regulators raid Amazon Japan on suspicion of anti-trust violation


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Amazon abusing it's position to strong arm small retailers. Not for the first time. Do Amazon pay proper tax in Japan? They don't elsewhere, maybe that should be investigated too.

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Clearly the first sign that Amazon's getting too big for Japan Inc's liking.

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Regulaaaaaators! Mount up!

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Leave Amazon Alone! Soon i will have to order everything from abroad.

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Never heard of Rakuten getting raided.... hmmmm....

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Perhaps corporate Amazon doesn't understand proper gifting in Japan for all the different entities.

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Never heard of Rakuten getting raided.... hmmmm....

Good point. Rakuten regularly trick unknowing shoppers out of points by whatever method they can think of. They won't even return them in some cases when they mess up your order. I find Amazon to be much more transparent with their practices. They have very strict rules for sellers but that leads to a good product for shoppers.

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The great open minded Boss of Rakuten is crying for years on the shoulders of his friends to help him stop the big bad amazon. Rakuten doen’t stand a chanse if they compete on even terms with amazon. Old fashioned, messy, over complicated website from Rakuten, against transparent and simple amazon. No chanse so lets call in a little help from some friends

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I think it is dangerous if Amazon gets too powerful, but I think on the other hand they are doing a great job. Amazon is a leader in AI, and will be around for a long time. From my perspective I don't even consider competitors to Amazon because none of them are even close. I tried Ebay once but do not like auction style bidding. In some cases, such as work clothes and shoes, I use other specific online retailers, but Amazon for everything else.

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