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Subaru HQ searched for rigged mileage, emission data


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Subaru said the malpractice, which began as early as 2002, affected 903 units across all of its nine models including the Forester sport utility vehicle, as well as Toyota's 86 sports car, which Subaru manufactures.

15 YEARS! That not just malpractice, that just straight up fraud. Not surprised really. Just wondering which other big Japanese company's scandal will be news next week.

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Yeah, well, my twin-turbo Legacy used a lot more gas than it quoted in the handbook. The handbook quoted 10-12k to the liter around town and 14-16k per liter on the highway. However, the reality was 6-8k per liter no matter where you were driving. It was a great car and I really loved it, but I spent more time in the gas station than actually driving it. I have a newer Honda Stpwagon now with eco-drive and can get upwards of 20k to the liter out of it.

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Love Subaru. Great cars. Just they use a lot of petrol.

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Haven't even owned a car for nearly 40 years. Saved a fortunate on gas and polluted that much less. Very low maintenance. Even when we lived high up in the Japan Alps my only mode of transport for ten years was a mountain bike.

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Let's forgo cars altogether. Riding a bicycle is healthier and eco-friendly.

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I get the promised gas economy with my Forester.

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Oh great, I have a 2002 Turbo Forester CrossSports which places it smack in the crosshairs. Is theis another #MeToo moment reaching backwards through time?

Still, the performance has always been impressively nippy, even if a little too thirsty, so that I can forgive. Tweaking of emissions figures though is a little more naughty.

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Have a 2008 Forester 2.0XS, and getter better km/l mileage than Subaru quote, both highway and around town; though I have an upgraded high flow air filter and exhaust compared to their original! Always found the branch staff to be very helpful, but the HQ care little about the customers.

Looks like their 2017 honesty training programme has had some results, as they did voluntarily disclose the fraud, rather than being caught out by a whistleblower.

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Driving style makes the biggest difference in fuel consumption. I’ve driven Toyota, Suzuki, and Honda cars and they all achieved their rated fuel consumption or better.

I suggest you Scooby drivers have heavy right feet.

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Let's forgo cars altogether. Riding a bicycle is healthier and eco-friendly.


”The Vehicle of the Future has Two Wheels, Handlebars, and is a Bike”

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more Japan Fraud Inc.

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The real damage to sales will be felt at home and in other countries with extremely high gas prices. Most consumers base their purchasing of automobiles upon the written reviews they tend to read, as I do. However we consumers over the years have “developed” our favorites especially in the various models available in each class.

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Let's forgo cars altogether. Riding a bicycle is healthier and eco-friendly.

Wish that was an option. Many people live 30-50 km from work with no public transit available. Doing that in 35degC weather isn't exactly "eco-friendly."

If motocycles were safer, that could be an option 50% of the time. I've looked at 3-wheelers. Perhaps an electric model will become affordable in the near future?

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Certainly riding a bicycle to work in any of the world's large cities cannot be good for the lungs

Same air is breathed inside a car?

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Root cause? Govt mandated increases in fuel economy under highly-liberal politicians that couldn't be met required lying to continue sales in some countries.

I track MPG, usually see 26-29mpg depending on driving types ( 18 yr old 3.2L engine). OTOH, just filled up on Sunday for the first time in over 2 months, so gas prices don't really impact us all that much. Usually fill up monthly, so going 2 months was fairly odd.

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Good for health? Certainly riding a bicycle to work in any of the world's large cities cannot be good for the lungs, even with a restrictive face mask. Like smoking a daily pack of cigarets. Will be good for your health one day, once vehicle exhaust emissions have been cut right out.

But wanderlust, YuriOtani and me! Three Forester drivers, in this single thread! Seriously good taste. Disillusioned and Goodlucktoyou, honorary members. OK, maybe Subaru fudged their figures a little, but Toyota bought into Subaru so they must have seen something good there. And Scoobies have a fearsome reputation in the West. Time to clean house!!!

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Even so, is the crime section the right place for this news?

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