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Suspect says wife's divorce request led him to kill her, 5 kids


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RIP :( :(

Luckily Japan has the hanging as execution method. I really hope he dies slowly and in a lot of pain at the end of that rope...

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This man is a disgusting and evil person. There is no forgiveness for this.

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And you wonder why she wanted to divorce him? No doubt this loon had serious issues prior to killing his family, but I guess we'll never know coz they're all dead!

He won't receive the death penalty for this. He'll get 2-3 years in prison only. TIJ!

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I totally support the death penalty for this guy.

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I think it may be more torturous to keep him alive locked away somewhere. Over time, he'll reflect upon the horror on his Kids' Faces as he stabbed them to death. What drove him to that state of mind ? Simply the request for a divorce ? Under what grounds - there's clearly more to this story. Was he previously abusive to his Family - if so, was there some sort of restraining order upon him ? If not, then why doesn't Japan have such a thing. This is clearly a horrific event.

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I think if you do something so horrible, like killing your entire family, you've forfeited your rights and deserve a slow tortuous death

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What a stupid, selfish horse’s ass.

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He had an affair and the wife wanted a divorce. What a tragedy!

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Rot in hell , Satan..

thank god,Japan has the death penalty.

these monsters cannot be rehabilitated .....

Australia is too lenient On these perpetrators..

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Statistics show that, in abusive relationships which end in the man (and it is usually though not always the man), killing the woman (and it is usually though not always the woman), this ultimate act of violence happens when the victim of abuse tries to leave, or succeeds in leaving, the abuser.

And yet people will always ask (though not in this case yet) why the victims of abuse don't escape the abuser sooner...

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Japanese need to get over the stigma of divorce . . . in some countries 'separation' is recommended before 'divorce' in order to save the marriage . . . .

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Once again toooooo much pride not enough brain.

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Jtsnose, this guy couldn't care less about the stigma of divorce. He is just a violent beast that considered his wife and kids as belongings and wanted to keep dominating them.

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Lots of supposition on a paucity of facts.

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Can we have a little discussion here? What do you want, to have him slowly wither during the life-sentence confinement, where his mind crumbles after days over days of the schedule of being sustained by the society, which will be paid by the locals' taxes, OR you want him swiftly executed after a fast process of intitiating a law supported murder order, which will end for his biological being quickly and almost painless, unless the government employs medieval methods? Do you want to see him to suffer mentally, his mind dissipating until the end of his days or you want his physical being gone already for the sins he had committed, with slightest relief after his demise? I can not exactly fathom this since time immemorial.

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Sorry, guys, but even though this kind of crime and the man's rationale make me question my stance against the death penalty, I still say it is wrong, and the people who carry it out ultimately no less guilty of murder than the man himself. Also, the man does not deserve a quick and likely painless death. He deserves to rot in prison, and think about what he did. The man murdered 5 innocent people because of his own selfishness. Now, throw him in a place and ignore his cries as he withers away in jail, and let him think about it for the rest of his sorry life. People should not get out easy for their actions, but if it helps people who seem to think letting him live is cruel, let them document it and serve as a warning for those who might not think through what they are going to do on the cusp of committing murder because they are dissatisfied with their lives.

No doubt the man knows he's a candidate for death -- why give him what he wants after what he's done?

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Opponents of the death penalty argue that it doesn’t deter criminals. Maybe not. But in dispatching those who’ve been found guilty of crimes of such wanton viciousness as this one, society elects to pay like with like, a motive as old as humankind. Does the death penalty damage those who wield it in pursuit of an eye for an eye? Opponents say yes it does, that justice is better served by locking the person away and forcing them to confront the horror of what they’ve done. The error in this assumption is that the perpetrator has already demonstrated a lack of empathy toward his victim such that an expensive incarceration will likely achieve nothing. To expiate wrongdoing and assuage society’s need for measured vengeance, the death penalty serves its purpose.

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Luckily Japan has the hanging as execution method. I really hope he dies slowly and in a lot of pain at the end of that rope...

Hardly likely, the drop itself breaks the neck, instant death. Hanging is not death by strangulation

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Hanging is not death by strangulation

I've broken my C2 in a car accident. Breaking your neck doesn't instantly kill you. Even severing the spine itself won't necesarilly kill you instantly.

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 Breaking your neck doesn't instantly kill you.

It should, and the system as it is here, that is the intent. The person stands on a trap door, the rope, fitted tightly around the neck, and the person drops into room under the trap door, a quick stop after a short drop.

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He won't receive the death penalty for this. He'll get 2-3 years in prison only. TIJ!

Based on your experience as....?

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No wonder she wanted a divorce. He seems to be using this as some kind of justification for his actions. What a wicked man.

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One can only imagine the sort of hellish scene that occurred in that house that day, far worse than any horror story

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God...what evil...throwing him down a well would be to good for this scumbag!

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For the Amnesty International losers thumbing down everybody, man up and justify at least a bit why should this guy be allowed to live? (he won't). Such cases are too difficult to justify, huh?

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Absolutely mortifying. I don't know the death penalty laws in Japan, but in the US it's very expensive for tax dollars because of legal fees involved.


I don't think I'll ever be able to agree nor disagree with the death penalty.

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