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Taiwan seeks double-murder suspect who fled to Japan


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Poor parents who were only trying to protect their daughter. I wish they sent the child with the daughter too to hide out.

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In Iraq, he could likely get away with this, depending on where he’s from.

I wouldn’t be surprised if he slipped out of the country already

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Granting he didn't do any surgical change, he won't go for too long with his looks. This is the ugly side of divorce made by people who can't take rejection. I'm just happy that when I had mine, no such thing happened.

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KIT will hire non- native teachers with a MA. They tend to go to a college in Vermont. So that is why I asked.

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The scary thing is what he might do to his son. He's violent and dedperate and probably crazy to beyonce with. Hope the catch him quick

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This monster killed her parents and took her child just cause her pain. Here's hoping he gets what's coming

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Taiwanese authorities are seeking the assistance of Interpol in locating an Iraqi man...………… where he works as an English teacher.

always thought that Japan only let people to work in English is a native language in their home Country regardless of the education background - can anyone enlighten on that.

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Andrew, apparently the guy got a degree in the USA in teaching English as a second language, even though English is his second language And then he found a job in Japan teaching esol at some kind of technical college or junior college. Again he is not a native speAker . How he got the gig in Japan is surprising. Well, he's a dead man walking now for the rest of his life. He will be caught in next few months. Pure evil.

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Japanese cops are not going to like having a suspected "gaijin" killer living in their midst. They will cooperate I'll bet, no reason not to, nobody involved is a Japanese citizen.

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However, police said they suspect Jomaah is still in Japan as he did not return to his residence in Ishikawa Prefecture, nor did the Japanese government have his departure record, the reports said.

"Police suspect he is still in Japan AS he did not return to his residence in Ishikawa Prefecture ..." Shouldn't it be ALTHOUGH?

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question. Can two non Japanese people get legally married in Japan without household registration I.d ? Maybe they were not married ?

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Ali, If you are still in Japan, reading JT, you should definitely hand your son over to the authorities. Whatever your wife's family did to make you lose control, your child doesn't deserve to be a part of the drama. And it makes you look like he's your hostage. Get it? Leave the boy out of it!

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@Danny, they could be as long as they file necessary docs to their respective embassies. Many do even without wedding ceremonies!

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Clear photographs of the suspect are shown at taiwannews dot com.

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Many countries as long as it is registered with Japanese authorities (eg whichever city/ward they live in) nothing else needs to be done at the embassy. Countries will vary.

Any case, I hope they arrest him and send him packing. Don't want a known killer walking around and I hope the baby is returned to his mother as soon as possible.

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So they met in the US. Did they study in Vermont?

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question. Can two non Japanese people get legally married in Japan without household registration I.d ? Maybe they were not married ?

Yes they can with registry (from what the article says, he is a resident living in Japan and she was before) so not only not just a koseki is required, but if you simply have residency registration (juminhyo).

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