Tomato grower arrested for stealing cabbages


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Love that headline! It brought an early morning smile to my face.

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Lawless place, Aichi!

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Shoulda stuck to being a Tomato man...

Like my grandfather told me, “If your a tomato man, why on earth would you go Chinese cabbage on us?”

Tomato man went cabbage and paid the price.

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JT are you having a laugh? hhahaahah it March 2nd not April 1st.

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Seriously have you seen the price of cabbage these days? I saw 700 yen for one or 450 yen for half of one. (Following the Japanese tradition of paying more for something smaller).

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You have to thank your lucky stars you live in a safe enough country to call this national news. Kawaiine.

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"Prices of a number of common vegetables in Japan have soared due to autumn typhoons and a cold winter." AND Japan's protectionist policy of allowing NO vegetable imports

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The punishment should fit the crime! He must not only tend to and harvest the farmer's Chinese cabbages, and of course for sale by the rightful owner, but also pay the fines in his own crop of tomatoes. I can't believe the moron kept the receipts, too.

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Well that’s one way of angering your fellow farmers. Dealing with fruit, vegetables, rice being stolen is a constant struggle for farmers. To have the thief be a fellow farmer is really low.

Dango bong,

"Japan's protectionist policy of allowing NO vegetable imports”

Where are you getting such misinformation? I just made an order from my local ItoYokado NetSuper and saw pumpkins from New Zealand, sweet corn from Thailand, okra from the Philippines, and lotus root and bamboo shoots from China. Plus a whole selection of sansai “mountain vegetables” also from China. And that doesn’t even include the canned and frozen departments.

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They see me rollin

They hatin

Patrolling they tryin to catch me ridin' dirty

Tryin to catch me slinging cabbage.

Any good black market cabbage slinga knows ditch the evidence.

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Off with his heads!

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160 cabbage, really !? OMG British farmers plough 1000's into the field ever year just because they don't meet the supper markets ridiculous high standards. may be British farmers could supply Japan's supermarkets

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(Following the Japanese tradition of paying more for something smaller).

Following the market tradition of getting a discount for buying more.

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Maybe he just wanted to make a salad.

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“ I saw 700 yen for one or 450 yen for half of one.  (Following the Japanese tradition of paying more for something smaller).”

Tommy Jones,

“Following the market tradition of getting a discount for buying more.”

What T Jones says plus selling halves of cabbages means more labor for cutting the cabbage, wrapping it in plastic to keep the cut side covered, two barcode labels instead of one, a separate bin or spot on the veggie display row, another price sign. Makes sense to charge a higher rate to me. Not to mention pricing such as buy one box of crackers for $2, buy three for $5.50 was common wherever I've shopped in the US.

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My god,I LOLed in the office. Poor guy chose the wrong crops to cultivate XD

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@dango: There are lots of imported vegetables. Fruit also. Excellent too and prices are fair.

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He must have heard that old saw "You can't very well have the "Tomatoes" without the "Cabbage ", lad !

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