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Toyama elementary school reopens amid tight security after attack threat


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The school is currently undergoing earthquake retrofitting, which is why the unfortunate “school security guard” was there. That’s a bit of a misnomer as he was an older unarmed person there whose job was to direct the traffic of the construction work vehicles to keep the kids safe from being run over or whatever. TV news reports that I saw said the hallway or covered walkway where at least one bullet was found, was a temporary structure because of the construction project.

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Brian Wheway, I thought the same thing too but pondered that maybe the classrooms along the corridor were temporary or movable. But as you said it's probably the children were moved to difference classrooms located elsewhere.

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"All the classrooms along the corridor were moved elsewhere" I was a bit confused when I first read this, I think they writer meant to say the children were moved to other class rooms else where, I am glad to see that they have sent some professional councillors to help out, rather than ignoring the potential problems with mental health issues latter on.

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Two police officers are to be stationed in the school compound through Wednesday to ensure safety.

I love it in japan how EVERY little detail must be agonized and announced (unless it will lose face for you). Even the details that tell potential crooks when the Police won't be there any longer... Real smart.

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Must be stressful for parents!

How can you send your kid someplace in peace if their was violent attacks and deaths one weekand then threats afterwards.

Sam Whitte

Again you blame a whole nation.

You think Japan goes easy on crime? You gotta read and educate yourself before making blanket statements.

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Not sure why Japan has laws. The penalties for breaking said laws is so minimal, there are no real consequences of breaking them.

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Maybe is not as safe as they claim it is. There seems to be no end of nutters.

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They have received emails, threatening another attack... probably just another sick whacko. Better to be safe than sorry.

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The accused is hospitalized yet the school is still being protected by police and teachers are locking doors?

The headline in the story seems to suggest that a threat is still imminent-very misleading.......

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