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Vietnamese who died of stroke at Japan detention center left lying for hours: document

By Minami Funakoshi

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It all sounds like they simply left him to die on the ground.

Which if the case, constitutes more than an error in judgement don't you think?

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Pretty poor form

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the center did not think there were problems with how it responded.

Except that someone died.

I'm pretty sure many "detainees" are faking ailments in the hope to be let go.

Peter and the wolf.

That said, how come they keep people that long?

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There has to be an international outcry over this.  Overstaying your visa, and even a drug offense do not constitute indefinite incarceration and being left to die on the floor.

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For crying out loud, if you don't want them in your country, send them back immediately. At least they'll live and get to see more than just four walls 23.5/7. H*ll, they might even be able to see a doctor more often.

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This is the often dark side of the ole uchi/soto thingy in Japan.

If you are not on the inside don't expect good treatment, this case is way beyond negligent, the guards behaved criminally here clearly!

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This is in the CRIME section where it belongs to, guards knew he was in pain for a week, he was conscientiously deprived of medical care while moving to a solitary cell (so they knew something was not normal), let alone to die and once dead, they call the ambulance, this is outrageous and criminal, I hope for a transparent investigation but we all know no sanction will be taken so it is just a matter of time before we read exactly the same as it is not the first time (13th since 2006). Those detention centers are real deathtrap where once can be detained for ever without any trial it seems, only international outcry would work here to denounce such of human right abuse and medieval incarceration.

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I say, deport the illegals as soon as they are captured. Japan doesn't need this nuisance and expense of holding the illegal foreigners.

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A simple search for "Nguyen The Huan reuters" leaders me to an article saying he committed suicide. Which is it?

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Again this Artical lacks detail: 1: They state they hired a full time Medico for weekends ???. How is that full time. 2: Prior to detention the detainee would or should of had a full medical and a person with Heart decease would of shown up to any good doctor. 3: Guard are hire on their ability to follow protocol. Not for their in-depth independent thinking. Guards reported the detainee condition of pain and the medico would of request that the detainee be move to a single cell for contamination reasons and watched. 4: It is not unusual for people to sleep on the floor in Japan. It very common. To check the detainee, shouting through the door would be his only option. To open the cell door would required two guards (protocol) so this was did at change over of shift. There is definite evidence for manslaughter charges to be laid against the manager of the centre. This happen before and the as i pointed out, the Guard were only following protocols.

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TIJ! And yet, they "find no problem" with how things were handled, and they're "investigation" is just a time-killer so that things can return to nothing being done. This nation is WAY behind in human rights issues and the world needs to pressure Japan to get with the times or stop considering itself anything but third world.

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therougou simple search for "Nguyen The Huan reuters" leaders me to an article saying he committed suicide. Which is it?

Do you perhaps mean an article written by a Minami Funakoshi? I'm just asking because that is the article I found. The "funny" thing about it is that on the website of Reuters you can find an article by the same author that is called "Vietnamese who died of stroke at Japan detention center left lying for hours: document

". Another article on Reuters talks about an apparent suicide but is also more than one month older. The other article I found (on japantimes) is also from that date and the information might be outdated. So I'd probably go with the newer information (that the man died of a stroke, that is).

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Died of stroke. Or of any reasons.  There should have been some sort of humanitarian treatment to this guy.

It's a cold World..

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Weather this guy has don wrong or not, he should be entitled to medical care.

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