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Woman arrested for killing hospitalized grandfather


Police in Osaki, Miyagi Prefecture, on Sunday sent a 28-year-old unemployed woman to prosecutors on a charge of killing her 88-year-old hospitalized grandfather.

According to police, the suspect, Miki Hagikawa, has admitted to stabbing her grandfather, Ko Hagikawa, with a fruit knife while he was in hospital at around 8 p.m. on Friday night, Fuji TV reported. The victim suffered a fatal stab wound to his right side.

A bloodied knife was left in the hospital room. A hospital staff member saw the suspect leave her grandfather’s room about 10 minutes after going in. Police said Hagikawa turned herself in at a nearby koban (police box) later Friday. She had a second knife in a bag she was carrying.

The victim was in a four-bed ward but there was only one other patient in the room at the time and he was asleep.

Police said Hagikawa has admitted that she planned to kill her grandfather but has so far given no motive. She had been living with her parents and the victim.

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Is the rate of murder of immediate family members high per capital in Japan?

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Or maybe just the rate of reporting is.

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Is the rate of murder of immediate family members high per capital in Japan?

I don't think so. Compared with the USA, it's much lower. But I can't speak for other countries, as I haven't seen their stats.

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@Chip Star - Is the rate of murder of immediate family members high per capital in Japan?

The rate of murder in general is much lower than other countries. However, the most common murders in Japan are by far within families. Crime related murder is very low in Japan. Sadly, mass-murders are increasing in Japan.

I can not understand what would push this joker to kill his hospitalized grandfather. It is incomprehensible to me.

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She was holding grudge to her grandfather there something more deeply reason why she did that. Whatever reasons she had killing is a crime.

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I believe their is more to this story. The motive still needs to be known. In the past did something happen between her & her Grandfather ?? Was he a Touchy Feely kind of grandfather the kind that can't keep his hands to himself or is she just 5 beers short of a six pack - meaning a bit crazy. Hopefully there is more articles written about this incident.

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