Woman finds mummified remains of baby while packing up to move out of apartment


Police in Nagoya are investigating the discovery of the mummified remains of a baby which were found by a woman who was packing up to move out of her apartment.

According to police, the 27-year-old woman, a company employee, moved into the apartment in Kita Ward a year ago and was packing up to leave by the end of the month, Kyodo News reported. At around 5:30 p.m. on Wednesday, she found the baby's remains tucked away at the back of a closet which she told police had been in the apartment when she moved in and which she had never used.

Police said an autopsy revealed that the baby had been dead for several years but could not determine its age or gender.

Police said they are checking with the apartment building manager to find out who rented the apartment before the woman moved in.

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is this the second type of thing this year? i could swear there was another mummified baby case earlier this year.

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This is straight out of a horror movie.

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what is this???

Mummify a baby?

and that lady never bothered to check or report an unknown package? what if it was a bomb?

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And the realtor failed to "clean" the apartment. Not surprised.

They charge a "cleaning" fee before you move in now which they say is used to clean the apartment when you leave. And it's about a month's rent. (Because people used to not pay the "cleaning" free when moving out. Pretty sure it's illegal anyway.

When I move into my apartment I am sure little or no cleaning had gone on.

This a absolutely proves it's a scam.

Infact the entire rental system in Japan is broken and had been since or before the bubble period. What a mess.

Poor woman!

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Another dumped baby. Obviously this is not a new phenomenon in Japan. It would be horrid to find a mummified baby. A real skeleton in the closet.

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I suggest the police do a DNA test on the remains and the young lady just to be sure.

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I really don't get it, what's going on in Japan these days..... nearly every day there's another case of abandoned and dead babies - WHY is this being allowed to go on ?

The powers that be have got to get a real grip on this, no mulling / considering / urging or forming a committee - it needs a massively proactive dynamic approach from all the legislators and professionals involved in this area, especially the educators with meaningful life-lessons.

No-one wants to read or hear of another unnecessary death like these again, so for Christ's sake Japan, just get it sorted.

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