YouTubers caught offering 'free boobs' to passersby in Shibuya


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Some comments----Shaking head in disbelief.

Story-----Shaking head in disbelief.

Zichi and the man boobs------Priceless. LMAO....

Feeling up an underage girl...Really disturbing joking or not.

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Bit disturbing, this story. Even more so, some of the comments here from folks wishing they could have felt up a teenager.

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are they gonna tour other areas or recruit new members? sounds like a great pastime activity

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Talk about deja vu of another girl who did the same thing last year outside Hachiko Exit for Youtube views....

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@Dango bong: more like free cotton padding

Some of us like small oppai! More athletic.

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Damn, missed out!

Sorry, not really on my bucket list to fondle an underage girl.

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Sakuraski, the one Shibuya end up with arrest because it involved a minor.

If adults wanna do this, go ahead, but minors should be deterred. They don't know what they're doing, and there are some unscrupulous people out there.

Laguna, it seems because of their method on how they attract the passerby. They got charged for their "calling out activity".

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more like free cotton padding

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Silly girl, why film it

The whole idea of giving people a free feel was because a video of it would go viral and make money on Youtube. It is a regrettably realistic view of what Youtube, or any media without editorial scruples (tabloid newspapers etc.) are like. That shouty idiot who went to the suicide forest is the same, he merely overcooked the golden goose by filming a dead body. The basic rule is that anything you do should be SENSATIONAL because that gets CLICKS and clicks are MONEY.

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Some would think it's one of the breast ideas around.

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So basically what this means is that, the government owns your body, and they tell you what you can and cannot do with it.

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Silly girl, why film it

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What bad luck! I was in Hachiko Square on Jan. 27th.

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Sakuraski, the one Shibuya end up with arrest because it involved a minor.

If adults wanna do this, go ahead, but minors should be deterred. They don't know what they're doing, and there are some unscrupulous people out there.

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Thunderbird2 is probably right, the older person has got the younger person to do their dirty work for them.

I agree with Bungle, it seems a bit "over the top" sending this 16 year old to the prosecutors office. I would have thought this is more of a social services issue, in liason with her school and parents.

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Hilarious, except for the fact they should have never been sent to prosecutors. A caution would have sufficed.

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Few years back similar thing happened in Tokyo, bigger event without any arrest. How come one in Shibuya end up with arrest?

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They arrested the 16 year old high school girl? Surely the 23 year old man and the 18 year old arranged this thing?

The Youtube excuse is a lie. Porn channels often pull these film events in the street. Check the background of the 23 year old, he's likely to be a tout for the AV business.

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The student from Funabashi, Chiba Prefecture, allegedly dressed up as a bunny girl

She was wearing a pink romper suit with a bunny on the front... not quite a bunny girl outfit.

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Silly girl.

Don't you know if you are going to do that it has to be at a proper Yakuza established institution just down the road that has passed the appropriately stuffed envelope to the local constabulary?

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We all have boobs. I never understood why people go crazy over them.

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Ya! Sorry I got the wrong pair of boobs but still you get the picture? My man boobs are bigger still.

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Do you reckon anyone actually got to feel any breast or just padded bra?

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Why ladies only? Most men have had much more practice.

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They were for world peace.

Sorry, but that’s a different “young Japanese woman allows strangers to squeeze her breasts in public” story. I understand the confusion, though.

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"where's the link?!!!"

Their videos have not been uploaded. Sorry about that.

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Degenerate scum

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Police referred a 16-year-old high school student to prosecutors on Monday after spotting her allowing passersby to feel her breasts by holding up a sign that said "free boobs"

Self-respect much ?

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I am willing to host "This are all-you-can-touch cockadoodle doo" for world peace. Ladies only!

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Damn, missed out!

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future porn star, parents must be proud, if they even care...

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I'm wondering if the 23 year old has been goading the teens to do this... whole thing just seems a bit weird. It's just going to encourage groping... probably policeman, oyaji and male passengers on trains.

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They were for world peace.

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where 's the link?!!!

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